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  1. Not 100% sure what you're asking, but the latest reissues of the Bandai VF-25 are pretty similar to the initial renewal versions. There are some differences, though. Jenuis' review covers them, starting at about 9:15. Overall, it's still like... 95% the same mold, though.
  2. People have covered most of the reasons, but I'll also add that the hobby never really recovered from COVID, in terms of prices. Manufacturing in China and international shipping went up quite a bit during and post-COVID, and those are both big cost contributors to this particular hobby. The USD to JPY conversion is good if you're using USD, but it's still not enough to make up for the increased cost in production. If you're just getting in, unfortunately you're jumping in at the most expensive time, possibly ever, even adjusted for inflation. I know I've scaled back my Macross collecting for a variety of reasons, price being a big one. It's hard to pay the new prices knowing what I used to pay.
  3. Ah, I see now. The neck part was just jammed up way too far into the head. That was actually my first instinct, but I was pulling on the peg part and nothing was moving, so I figured I was missing a piece. I just needed to pull on the bulky neck part (it still took an unreasonable amount of force, but it came out). The way it was packaged, the chin was preventing the neck from snapping all the way into the chest plate part. Thanks for the help, I've got it working now!
  4. Merry Christmas to me, from Bandai I suppose. Opened up my VF-0 from Mandarake and the head just kind of... fell off... which I found strange. I noticed that it doesn't really fit right into the top of the chest plate, and yup, after looking at some other pictures, I seem to be missing an entire part of the neck. I'm going to reach out to Mandarake. I've ordered a lot from them before, but never had to return anything. Am I completely hosed here? Has any one had any luck with returns/exchanges with them? This particular item was marked as unopened and box damaged. If I had to guess, this might be a QC reject from Bandai, but given their recent QC, it might just but one that slipped through.
  5. I was in for one the first time they showed it, and I still am. Glad to see a gun, but where are the fast packs? There's no way Bandai would try to nickel and dime us for a separate purchase on those for such a niche valk, right? Right...? 😅
  6. Wish it were a green/TV version, to be more of an army-builder, but I'm still loving this one.
  7. I always kinda figured Arcadia would be the one to do the TV SDF-1, not Bandai. I'm interested, but like others, pretty skeptical. TV SDF-1s in particular seem to be vapor prone.
  8. Yup, asked for the YF-21 as more SDFM Hi metal R (destroids and enemy mecha). Based on the last time they did one of these though, if they use the data at all, it's just to decide whether or not to go forward with what they've already planned to release with MWW. That's what it seems like to me, at least.
  9. I have the original one of these, but no super parts. I was hoping the WWM VF-25F would bring back the super parts, but not like this... I think I'll just skip this release, and hope they re-release the Ozma version with super parts in the next few years. I like that scheme and head more, anyhow.
  10. HardlyNever

    Hi-Metal R

    That's unfortunate, and pretty weird, given what would actually sell well worldwide. Maybe that was part of the deal between BW and HG, I dunno. I'll probably try to get one still, but if it turns into another preorder madness insta-sell out, I'll just skip it.
  11. HardlyNever

    Hi-Metal R

    I'm probably in for one, I don't have a TV 1S in any scale, so this fills a nice little niche. I have to assume this is a worldwide release, as this seems almost tailor-made for all the Robotech fans out there that never bothered to import. Is it the most exciting HMR release? Nah, but some Macross HMR is better than no Macross HMR.
  12. Do you mean like a Premium Finish VF-0A? They made a regular VF-0A (shin version) back in 2015. Personally, I'm still holding out hope for a ghost booster bundle of the 0A or 0S (they do have those adapters, after all). But I've been waiting for... a long time.
  13. Kinda indifferent on this. The vf-25 is middle of the road for me in terms of designs I like, but it would be nice to get one I'm less worried about handling (my alto is really showing its age). I might end up getting it just for the "significance" of DX stuff no longer being locked down in Japan, if that in fact happens. It would be great if they re-released super and/or armor parts with this. That would certainly raise my interest.
  14. Filled it out, I'm not super optimistic this will lead to a flood of new Macross products hitting the states, but maybe we'll get some re-releases of stuff (like the three they were pushing for w/e reason). I kept my "what else would you want to see" response to stuff we've seen in some form (HMR detroids and enemy mecha, DX YF-21). Maybe if we keep it more focused and realistic, we'll actually see some of these products released.
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