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  1. just sad....
  2. Don't understand why they won't make more since it's pre-order. @@
  3. I do really hope that the shops like HLJ, NY, AmiAmi come out a way to determine which customer is genuine. and give priority to long time customer. Since is a pre-order Bandai actually can make base on demand. why make life so difficult? They can penalize those cancel order and black list those...
  4. Bandai, why cant you make more??? upset
  5. WTF....... &@#^**^P*#
  6. Nice try on Riobot for the Legioss , keep it up. I hope it can get a little slimmer.
  7. Personally, I think Arcardia's logical choice will be VF-1D as not much engineering job to do, at least gain some momentum and get going. while releasing old mould, they can take theirs time to redesign YF-21, to stay on the game. 1/48 is only beginning while majority collector are stuck with 1/60 and 1/100. as per 1/60 in term of size for those space constraint collector still have some edge for now... but when 1/48 gain up momentum, Arcadia better offer premium finish as a standard issue instead of asking more, as Bandai will be unstoppable. in 3 years if Arcadia still think like the pass... good luck.
  8. This one is nice!!!! But personally hope it can be more slender and lean.
  9. Hopefully you are right. the proportion of the legioss is is bad, not even close to the lineart. The fighter mode also bad in my humble opinion. I had waited 30 years for this I hope sentinel don't miss fired...
  10. Exact sentiment, I don't think any Macross fans can resist... by one minute sold out or less... lol I am a bit curious though how they can put in the GBP in the current design.
  11. I hope this sent out strong signal, Macross rocks... Bandai, can make more of this series?
  12. Wow, so many painful experiences here. I crashed my page during selecting pay later at NY, I thought I were doomed, Luckily, it went through... I was fxxking lucky then.... lol
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