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DX Chogokin YF-29 (Alto) Durandal Valkyrie - Reissue


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Oddly, this is the one 29 out of the bunch I don't and have never wanted. I have all the others and they are great! To much red on this on or something I guess. Easy pass for me.

I didn't like the -29 at all when Alto's was the only one. Now it's one of my faves due to all the others looking neat. But the original one? It's neither an attractive scheme nor does it seem "Alto". Whereas his -171EX was still clearly his.

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^^ this exactly. I have my Isamu '29 and had thought the others completely unnecessary and need I say it, not even "real" since I consider the Movie almost alternate universe. If there weren't many other things I'd like instead, I'd probably consider it, given it is the "original" and I don't actually mind the red. But with all the other stuff coming up, I have to pass.

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It'll be good for the newcomers and those who missed out on previous releases and don't want to pay marked up aftermarket prices.

Here's hoping Bandai squeezes in a 25G reissue before Delta arrives. I'm guessing once Delta is here we won't be seeing any further Frontier releases.

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