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  1. Ordering from NY outside of Asia is a gamble and be prepare for additional shipping cost. Luna Park is excellent but there package could be better.
  2. matic

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Still open for anyone who missed ..
  3. Seeing the PF version is bringing me back to Macross.
  4. I didn't see much of 1/60 macross items in Tokyo recently. My preference is online shops.
  5. matic

    Hi-Metal R

    Waiting for this to open up again.
  6. Thanks for the heads up with CDJ. Really impressed with there customer service.
  7. matic

    Hi-Metal R

    Got one from amiami.
  8. Had to go to post office but finally got a vf-4!
  9. Anyone know how much more the premium version will be? Yf-19 is my second favorite valk design.
  10. Pretty damn excited this is almost released.
  11. Thanks for the pics and can't wait for the RA.
  12. Getting excited about this since I missed the first release.
  13. I like battroid and finally getting a chance at a reasonable price.
  14. matic

    Hi-Metal R

    Thanks for the link Old Man. Got three.
  15. Its called malt balls in the states.
  16. I agree the lotion was your trademark but congrats on the vf-0d one of my favorites.
  17. If they do it will display nice with the vf-0d.
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