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  1. https://buyee.jp/mercari/item/m76885733823 Rest well noble giant, you have earned the rest. Side note if anyone needs a low vis v1 for parts....
  2. Thanks, Ill post the project once I get started. Friend got a resin 3d printer, going to play with some prints and try some clear print lighting ideas I've had.
  3. Can someone with a 1/2500 Enterprise A, tell me the width of the saucer section. I'm planing on printing some other movie era ships and want to try and keep the same scale look. and maybe be able to use some existing decals.
  4. Man I still cant find the hlj listing. my last hope.
  5. hal9000

    Macross figures

    https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail?gcode=FIGURE-055316 GO!
  6. hal9000

    Macross figures

    So the new Sheryl is a P-bandai? Well crap.
  7. Quick shout to @sumyumgoy, Item was in good condition and arrived quick and safe.
  8. My wife and I started on it this weekend as well. After Ep 2 I was on the fence but gave it one more. We then watched all the way to ep6 , it makes a change for the better. Its not ground braking but its been fun.
  9. I dont have the boxes or stickers for them. So yes its as-is/ whats in the pic.
  10. Sold I’m getting rid of a duplicate before a big trip. Would like to sell together as a set, everything you see in the photo is what you get. I haven’t sold on here in quite some time but if you go way back I have had successful sales and buys. Max is in great shape nosecone showing very slight discoloration. Only sticker applied is u.n. Spacy Kite on the fast pack His wife’s in a little worse condition no stickers applied left flap falls out constantly, And the part it’s just behind the canopy that holds it on has fallen off I’ve never tried gluing it because it’s a hinge. No stickers applied and the white is still in good condition. Sold
  11. https://www.ticket.co.jp/sys/d/12130.htm Heres a ticket site. Its one that I used and the proxy I used also sent me a link to it. Good luck getting tickets.
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