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  1. gerwookie

    Hi-Metal R

    Bored so I added some of that iconic blue and pink/red to the owl armor
  2. Fingers crossed. I just need one!
  3. @Shizuka the Cat Any update if they came through? I paid on 6/12, just one and reached out to see if I had a better chance of being fulfilled since I didn’t buy multiples.
  4. gerwookie

    Hi-Metal R

    Loved the color scheme so much that I wanted to add some red and yellow to make the strike parts pop a bit more (used the Dx SSP as reference). Also to the gun pod.
  5. Thanks @BluprinT for getting my valks shipped super fast and in hand now!
  6. gerwookie

    Hi-Metal R

    Any way to find a spare top chest cavity filler/shoulder piece? I was unaware the VF-1S didn’t come with it. I would assume the VF-1A hikaru would fit?
  7. gerwookie

    Hi-Metal R

    The strap color is off and material wise but it’s removable pegs just like it’s dx chogokin siblings. Also unintentional bonus weathering on gun pod lol
  8. Thanks @Lolicon!
  9. Anyone know which hasegawa 1/48 decal set was used for the custom cockpit sticker posted a while back? I cannot find it on eBay. Did see a 1/96 with similar picture but it’s super blurry.
  10. Thank you! Still waiting on nin-nin (hasn’t shipped). Mykombini should be here soon.
  11. @sqidd can I ask what yeti stand setup you have for the Dx vf-1s? I never bit the bullet because I couldn’t tell what to order.
  12. It says don’t touch but you really should’ve, at least to adjust the right arm/shoulder that they didn’t even bother sliding up to match the left. The gerwalk pose/angle leaves much to be desired.
  13. @peter nice pics. I like the outside open cockpit ones. Wish there were pistols for some center axis relock posing action ala Splinter Cell/Solid-Snake. On other note, AJ’s sellers are not selling lower this time, like the one I bought Max from. Still hopeful for AJ direct though.
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