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Your most recent Macross or toy purchase! General thread.


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1 hour ago, CHAVAKAISER said:

Most of them i bought in 5000yent, so i could have the pleasure of having several


Mandarake is a very good option:yahoo:

Really? I don’t have a R.P.R. Dunbine figure. How big is it besides a S.I.C. Dunbine figure? Do they look good together? 

Thanks. ;)


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On today's episode of Things I Forgot I Ordered:


Well, I remembered the SD Valkyries from KC, but I had totally forgotten the Mandarake stuff.

The Robot Spirits Bonta-kuns are hillariously awesome.

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1 hour ago, Slave IV said:

Got these. 


One of the only times I’ve seen an entire wave together and I could’ve got them all for 25% off but I’m not a big fan of MCU figures so just got these two and will see about the rest on deeper clearance. 

Cool.  I still plan on getting that Killmonger along with Klaue at some point when they get discounted.

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2 hours ago, tekering said:

That's Hikky's a pain in the ass to paint, but he cleans up nice.  :wub:


Not to disparage your work but rather the design here... :blink: is he wearing slipper sandals with white socks?  Is that really what their boots look like?  Man he is ready to do battle... in COMFORT! :lol:  I guess that's not any more ridiculous looking than those shoulder pads.  Are those flood lights under there?

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I finally got 2 of 3 of my orders from Japan including a YF-19 full set. :yahoo: My SDF-1 anatomy and papercraft book seems to be lost somewhere between here and Jersey despite coming in the same shipment as the Queadluun. 

Unfortunately, I got a broken head cannon. :cray: Also, the queadluun hip joints are quite loose.  But ah well, now to transform this awesome valk...


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11 hours ago, tekering said:

Mr. Color lacquers, almost exclusively.  They mix well, dry quickly, and are easily thinned.

Hmm, the local stores I'm looking at don't have it. I see only Zurc. I'll have to find alternatives then...

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