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  1. update: it appears Paypal and my CC have both refunded my money Just thought you guys might want to know
  2. I thought I replied here but for some reason it didn't show up. Any way whateves. I'm just worried Paypal or my CC will for some reason find in favor of NY. My CC company literally told me none of their previous issues matter towards a current case. It's all case by case by case. I was like ugh, that should totally matter
  3. I already went ahead and called PayPal and my CC company for refund
  4. So I had pre-ordered some Gundam figs on NY. Then decided I'd like to upgrade shipping because I originally chose the super slow option which was dumb. So I opened a ticket. Months ago. Nothing. Then I decide to Google NY and see their unfavorable actions as of late so I open up 2 separate disputes. One with my cc and the other with PayPal. Both were close to being out of the time frame but we're accepted. I should clarify I had 2 separate orders with 2 separate payment methods. So anyway now today they respond and give me the updated price and state my first order is processing. Ugh what do I do
  5. Cool. I'm debating getting this or the smaller version. I don't really collect mospeada any more but at the larger scale could make a cool standalone piece
  6. Do we know what the final date of the pre-order is for the big one?
  7. The comicave Hulkbuster is imo the BEST 1/12 Hulkbuster ever made. I'm simply in love with it
  8. I HAD it. But I sold it to fund the comicave version. Which is one of my favorite toys. Thing weighs like 8lbs
  9. I have a thing for Iron Man. Particularly the bulkier armors
  10. Got both of his lil gimpy back arms cast now. I still need to do some clean up on one of them but overall happy. He's getting there....slowly
  11. If you followed my first skeksis thread you'll see I'm a huge fan of the dark crystal. And I found the Netflix show just simply brilliant. So anyway here's my second skeksis WIP
  12. Dear God man this build is just as epic as the kit itself
  13. Just started but I like it so far much more than my previous one
  14. Still debating an elintseeker. Have any announcements been made for the super ostrich?
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