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  1. Oh My God, congratulations @Xigfrid
  2. Off topic but I need to ask: What's the problem with a smokey unit? Just the smell?
  3. Three hours and still up!? For anybody considering it, @spanner is a really good seller, items are shipped really carefully and communication is optimum. Happy owner of a VF-0S and VF-0D from him
  4. Oh, I totally missed the links sorry @Yang Wen-Li. Thanks @Sanity is Optional
  5. Rhis is not the right thread for selling, move your post to http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/forum/9-for-sale-amp-trade There you will have the target audience you are looking for
  6. It's a forum, all forums have rules... That's how it works *everywhere* Don't take it personal, What you must learn is that these rules are no different that the rules of a computer system. Some of them can be bent. Others can be broken... No, that's a different forum
  7. Another here. Sorry I been busy and didn't find the time to post earlier
  8. Thanks @spanner for another great biz!!! Superb packaging
  9. I'm starting to think my SDF1 was lost by the postal office. I'm still waiting the official version but... Can I open a dispute with PayPal in this scenario?
  10. Depends on the destination. To Chile best case scenario is three weeks, normally six and worst case so far two months
  11. Same date for the second but my expectations are more like Christmas 2019
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