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  1. Same story here, I write NY hopping the worse but they re-open my order
  2. Well... I guess I need to become part of the list. Order 2 from NY, the 6 and the 26. No notice yet.
  3. One word: VF-31A
  4. linitrofe

    Hi-Metal R

    How you deal with Chilean customs taxes?
  5. Hi here! I usually post in toys section but surely I'll start following this thread. This is my son's recent acquisition
  6. linitrofe

    Macross figures

    Cool! Is it available from 3D printing?
  7. linitrofe

    Macross figures

    Myung Fang Lone <3 Thanks for sharing!
  8. linitrofe

    Hi-Metal R

  9. It’s weird cause it should come applied on the premium version so they should already found out such detail... let’s see what happen on the premium
  10. I was scared to death the first time I push the leg to hide the black dot
  11. Haha, I was thinking “Damn, there are more cities as ugly as Santiago” but it was the real stuff xD Cheers from Valparaíso!
  12. Agreed, I have one of this in my desk to clean my valkst, stolen from my wife’s makeup bag xD
  13. Thanks for the link! I lost that URL a while ago. I love it because it shows you exactly what you need to know about a figure.... Sheryl figure....
  14. It's so damn massive! I really want her but is too much to handle... The figure.... To display....
  15. Swoooorrrdddd
  16. linitrofe

    Hi-Metal R

    WTF!!! I barely have space in my workbench with one Monster in it Dude congrats, totally!
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