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  1. Same date for the second but my expectations are more like Christmas 2019
  2. I can't believe it! I got a notification from NY today but I thought it were the supers. So one of the two Kairos's sets I order to NY is on its way. First order was placed 10/6 and the second (not yet shipped) on 10/26
  3. Dude, I can believe it. Congratulations and enjoy!!!!
  4. xD
  5. That was my major concern when I got NY cancellation email. The payment email is very clear about possible consequences about not paying the order :/
  6. Loopaza stock is gone
  7. Same here, and I don't like the HMR
  8. Same story here, I write NY hopping the worse but they re-open my order
  9. Well... I guess I need to become part of the list. Order 2 from NY, the 6 and the 26. No notice yet.
  10. One word: VF-31A
  11. linitrofe

    Hi-Metal R

    How you deal with Chilean customs taxes?
  12. Hi here! I usually post in toys section but surely I'll start following this thread. This is my son's recent acquisition
  13. linitrofe

    Macross figures

    Cool! Is it available from 3D printing?
  14. One for @recon Excellent, truly awesome, packaging for an item that travel to the other corner of the world
  15. linitrofe

    Macross figures

    Myung Fang Lone <3 Thanks for sharing!
  16. Dear MW, I was cleaning the warehouse and found this two little fellas, both are in pristine condition. This items will be shipped from Chile, I guess the shipping costs should be around USD 50. I only have two requests to let them go: Shipping is on you Send me a proof they will be in good hands (picture of your Starcraft collection or models of any kind you have already assembled) I usually travel to the US so if you are from the states and you are not in a rush, I can bring them with me in my next trip and ship through USPS
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