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  1. This is by far the best calibre wings f14 i have owned so far. Looks great and everything fits perfectly. You obviously have to handle it with care, but everything fits and holds on really well.
  2. Mine arrived today. Took about 2 weeks to get here in the I.O.M
  3. I am also following this with interest. I have contacted CW very recently about pre ordering one myself, and according to them the model is still going ahead. As much as i want to pre order one, i am wondering if it's better to wait and see?
  4. You can essentially kit out 3 vf-1's with the set.
  5. That's strange as i usually get a response on the day or the next day at the very least. Perhaps they were a bit slack whenever that happened? I have never really had any issue with them, and i have bought a fair bit off them in the past.
  6. NY's customer service system is by far the worst i have ever come across. At least nin nin tries to solve the issue instead of fobbing you off with a ticket. Useless.
  7. I think i will skip the super parts for my Roy dx and just settle for the tv style missiles.
  8. Very true! I have transformed the yam 21 and 11b before and they weren't too bad. Easier than some of the DX's anyway. It just gives me a excuse to put the little battroid figures to use.
  9. @myk Definitely glad to have one in my possession again. i sold my first one awhile back and regretted it. Thanks @tekering for the advice! Appreciate it. I will definitely be sure to store Guld back in the box then. Yes look forward displaying all 3 with the flight pose stands. I won't be transforming them, as I will cheat and use the yamato GN-U Dou figures to display the battroid modes.
  10. Thanks, It's the yellow lines on the dx that i am not really keen on. Looks like something from Tron lol Plus for a super secret prototype aircraft, you of thought that they would hide any sensitive information. They have literally plastered it like a sponsor billboard. Thanks, It a very well thought out toy considering it's age now. Having the purge mode as well just shows they went above and beyond. I have a vf-11b on route ,and i just need to pick up an arcadia yf-19 to complete the "yam scale" set. i already have 3 dx yf-19's and plan on getting the same amount for the yf-21/vf-11b dx's too. Fingers crossed anyway.
  11. My Yamato version arrived today. Just waiting on a flightpose stand for it. I think even if i put all the stickers on it, it would still look way more subtle than the dx version.
  12. Yeah probably to deter scalpers or it's a sign of the current times.
  13. It was $259 i believe
  14. God help us for the yf-21 dx
  15. Nin nin at £242. If they keep going they will be at £307 which is what the Hikaru vf-1s is now.
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