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  1. Ohhh!!! I just put Starscream in gerwalk! i never tried that, cool
  2. Thanks @spanner! I finally received you package. Box was really beaten but well protected on the inside so no damage on them. I really recommend doing biz with Spanner. The item, as advertised, is in pristine condition
  3. Last arrivals! Some of them almost two months in transit. I’d like to thank the Academy (and @spanner) PS: Divorce papers are behind the boxes
  4. A 1400 soles!? Felicitaciones. Era el mismo que estaba en MercadoLibre?
  5. Can we use a black light do the fact it is UV light and it may damage the plastic?
  6. Movie!!!!!!!??? But yeah, a 22 or a 9 will be AWESOME
  7. 10K!! Good deal, congrats!
  8. So if we buy the premium we have to display it in front of a wallet to make the WALLET GIF diorama xD
  9. Rude? Not at all, specially coming from a fellow member. I think it's a good idea but really a hard one to take. But obviously is not easy to have a Valkyrie on display that will only remind you that you are not happy with it :/ A hard one to take in deed.
  10. I have both the regular and premium version. The premium markings are awesome! But if you don't have it in front of your nose you can not appreciate the details.
  11. Today I received mine... What a waste of money
  12. Well... Now I know who are you and I'll never forget it. BTW thanks for all your incredible videos!
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