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  1. Probably not that weird either, but here we can see a VF25 and SDF-1
  2. Oh My God, congratulations @Xigfrid
  3. Another here. Sorry I been busy and didn't find the time to post earlier
  4. I'm starting to think my SDF1 was lost by the postal office. I'm still waiting the official version but... Can I open a dispute with PayPal in this scenario?
  5. Depends on the destination. To Chile best case scenario is three weeks, normally six and worst case so far two months
  6. Same date for the second but my expectations are more like Christmas 2019
  7. I can't believe it! I got a notification from NY today but I thought it were the supers. So one of the two Kairos's sets I order to NY is on its way. First order was placed 10/6 and the second (not yet shipped) on 10/26
  8. Dude, I can believe it. Congratulations and enjoy!!!!
  9. xD
  10. That was my major concern when I got NY cancellation email. The payment email is very clear about possible consequences about not paying the order :/
  11. Loopaza stock is gone
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