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  1. linitrofe

    Hi-Metal R

  2. It’s weird cause it should come applied on the premium version so they should already found out such detail... let’s see what happen on the premium
  3. I was scared to death the first time I push the leg to hide the black dot
  4. Haha, I was thinking “Damn, there are more cities as ugly as Santiago” but it was the real stuff xD Cheers from Valparaíso!
  5. Agreed, I have one of this in my desk to clean my valkst, stolen from my wife’s makeup bag xD
  6. Thanks for the link! I lost that URL a while ago. I love it because it shows you exactly what you need to know about a figure.... Sheryl figure....
  7. It's so damn massive! I really want her but is too much to handle... The figure.... To display....
  8. Same here, great deal with @gingaiothanks!!!
  9. Swoooorrrdddd
  10. linitrofe

    Hi-Metal R

    WTF!!! I barely have space in my workbench with one Monster in it Dude congrats, totally!
  11. Frack!!! I was expecting to have more time to save for a third. This are bad news for me Thanks no3L, I'll order ASAP a second and hope that NY keep orders open.
  12. Too soon!!! Too soon!!!!! So much to pay!!! Toooo dammmm sooonnnnnnn
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