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Moscato Cat's Eye 1:72 - Custom SAR


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I love the shape of this aircraft, it's like a sea-gull taking flight.

For a long time as well I've been looking for a subject that I could make a Search And Rescue aircraft.

As it has high visibility cockpits and a detector array on top, I though it would be a great model to customise this way.

And the Captain's resin kit is really just superb, I couldn't fault it... apart from the radar housing on top which I didn't like.

So I built another one out of styrene, using a circle cutter, drill and lathe.

I had an accident with glue on one edge, and there was no way of fixing it without building again, so that fault's mine.

I also added a couple of (ahem!) StudioStarforge pilots.

Originally I had planned to sculpt some more just for this kit, but they fitted in fine, so there was no need for it.

I also put in some wingtip lights, and turned a new refuelling pod on my lathe. I highly recommend this kit, it was easy to put together.

I could build another one, one day, perhaps with a slightly more 'canon' scheme! One of the pics below is an 'odd one out'. Can you guess which?








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The one without the dish?

Give that man a cookie!

Petar, you'd managed to finally found the best place to place the Minmay decal.

Yes, for the longest time I had that beautiful decal and thinking 'I need a large flat area to stick that on' and I couldn't think of anything on a 1/72 scale subject. It was like a bolt of lighting when the idea came, the perfect location!

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Thanks Jon, it was actually easy to put together thanks to your great engineering and interpretation. Pity I didn't do the undercarriage, that was some amazing work you did there, but I like my birds 'in-flight' mostly. I look forward to more things with wings from you...

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Phantastic work on a phantastic model. Good job with the refreshing paint scheme, too, it really brings the plane to life. Personally, I could live without the Minmay decal, but I know the opportunity was just too tempting.

Did you make the stand yourself?

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Awesome! Simply fantasic work Petar. Really realistic scheme - love the light weathering, just enough to give it some weight.

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Mr Cheng, I haven't seen any of your work for some time... :p Please come and blow us all out of the water again soon.

Roman, the dish decal is about as far 'Itasha' as I go. You won't find me picking up some of the crazier Macross decals we've seen recently... As for the stand, I make all my stands out of acrylic rod, and few years ago did a bulk order on the acrylic slabs cut to size. I've just run out actually!

Thanks all for your kinds words.

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