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  1. Jajaja, siempre me peleo con la gente en mi trabajo echando tierra a ROBOtech, mejor no tocar temas sensibles Yo estoy tratando de hacerme el tiempo para armar mis kits 1/72, el VF-1S y el VF-25S, mis primeros valks
  2. Genial! Un remake de la original, pero centrada en Max y Millia me gustaría ver
  3. Awesome news!!! I don't care if it's a new story or a remake, new macross is always welcomed!
  4. Incredibly awesome! A true hot-rod! Great job!!!
  5. I don't have any of the DX Chogokin VF-25's, but I want one of this so bad. I hope they make a M30 Leon variant.
  6. I though it was a completely new valk when I saw the images in facebook
  7. Looks tempting. I'm in for the M&M's for sure.
  8. Excelente trabajo compatriota! Awesome as always
  9. - Regular VF-1J M&M's and Arcade VF-1A M&M's - Green Queadluun-Rau - Nousjadeul-Ger (DYRL) - All hero valks from Macross 0 - Mospeada mechas
  10. Vamos por buen camino Arcadia! Queremos más valks! Canónicos y no canónicos!!! :rolleyes:
  11. Awesome rendition! I'd buy one if arcadia made that too.
  12. Gian

    Nekki Basara Guitar

    These were my 2 ESP customs, awesome guitars! Left: ESP Original Series Reindeer Right: ESP Custom Shop Hanneman '05
  13. Happy father's day to all macross daddies! :lol:
  14. Nice free to play games announced for the PS3 Free Tekken tomorrow. Free Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate on Sept 3.
  15. Es horrible! Pero recuerdo que he visto en algunas tiendas de acá 1/60 v2 VF-1's de Yamato a $200 usd y no me parecen tan caros ahora
  16. Gian

    Nekki Basara Guitar

    ESP guitars are awesome. A lot of them are made by hand in Japan, and you can order almost any guitar shape and specifications, hence the price. I had two customs, best guitars I've ever played.
  17. I got tired of collecting parts, you need to get a lot of them and the blueprints are expensive. The ultimate difficulty is very easy too...
  18. That's why I love android EDIT: If they wanted to make a tuxedo valk they should have opted for more black on the paint scheme.
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