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  1. I just got mine in the mail. I have yet to look at the parts or instructions, is it easy to remove the missiles?
  2. Completed yesterday. About 300 feet of fiber optic filament was run, 11 LEDs, 3mm size, and 3 pica LEDs. All powered with a usb booster pack. Enjoy.
  3. Nicely done. I like the choice of paints. Did you use model masters, tamiya, vallejo, or other paint? I have been trying to figure out how to do the lighting affects for the main gun on my kit. I have clear blue rods for the effect, just quite figure out how to run the LEDs.
  4. I love this kit. I have built 2 of them, one lighted and one not. I found some scale star destroyers on shapeways for scale. You can see it somewhere in the workbench.
  5. Nice lighthouse MT. How is the heat gun derex? Does it work on a small area? I have one but mine is meant to heat a large area.
  6. Update to the 1/100000 SSD. Found some hollow 1/100000 SDs on the shapeways and had to light them. Each one holds 1 pico led and is powered with a 3 volt battery.
  7. Like Sketchley said it is from Macross II. I have had the files for a few years now.
  8. Derex, Is that the DS9 station? Some of the latest projects. Sorry for the out of focus for the SSD. That is the 1/100000 Bandai and it was a pain to light. I used 13 pico orange leds and about 15 feet of .10mm fiber optic. The other model I printed over the weekend, 1/1000 UN Spacy Corvette. I have another 8-10 ready to paint or almost finished and should have some more finished over the next 2-3 weeks.
  9. Mechtech, the paper roll holder is something I found in the garbage at work. It falls out of some of our old shipping tubes that we use. The metallic paint is Vallejo Chrome. I have moved away from enamels and found that Vallejo paints work for me.
  10. I just found out about Minitech models last month and have kits 001-012. The detail is really nice and I will tackle painting them when I have time again in a few months.
  11. Nicely lit star destroyer. Is that the Bandai 1/5000 kit?
  12. Had a Stargate SG1 buildfest. These are 1/2500 from Bad Azz. I think they are small for that scale but are nicely detailed. Hope you enjoy.
  13. Forgot to add "Vamps last stand at Mar Base Sara".
  14. Just finished. Try some new techniques I learned off of youtube. Enjoy one of Capt's Tomahawk.
  15. Thanks for the pointers Arbit. This was my first attempt at lightening a model kit and did learn much from this one. I did paint the inside black but I am guessing that the coat was not even through out and the 3mm LEDs where brighter then I thought. Live and learn. Nice Skygrasper Vifam7.
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