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  1. Hasegawa's 1/48 are the best!!!! Why not a few new molds????? VF-11 some one? YF-21 please!!!!!
  2. IMHO for the price I prefer the Hasewaga 1/48 version. At the moment $29 in www.hlj.com vs $35 for the new plamax 1/72 version. It is a no no for me
  3. nothing new for Shizuoka Hobby Show??
  4. Queadluun-Rau!!!! PLEASE!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!
  5. YF-21 in 1/48???? almost 12 years waiting Still hope for some Zentradi capital ships and other battle pods types and armor suits. PLEASE!!!!
  6. Wow!! great job all. I love the cleanliness of your work tables. Mine is always a mess :( I newe "update" with my Minerva. All decals applyed, al weapons rdy.
  7. Love the CORDOVA!!!! Nice, is in my TO DO LIST! What a nice build!! Love the Color!!
  8. Hi!, yeah Crusher Joe time!! About the weathering, well I went to my usual black basing jejeje, lol paint the entire model black to painted white again jejejeje After this I just spray a very thin gloss white coat.
  9. Crusher Joe too, my Minerva OVA Edition
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