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  1. Thanks guys, yep it is a learning expirience for sure. Thank you for your comments
  2. well, testing my new camara, I know I need to implement a good "photo boot", but I need to understand how to use the camara first, jejjeje These is my recently almost finish Tamiya 1/48 F-14A VF-41 circa 1990.
  3. The Super in 1/48 is heavy!!! Sill no glued
  4. Thanks Gabe !!! I owe you a lot, that's your color combination for the super packs! And the magnets, well ... It is better to install them before gluing and painting the wings hehehehehehehe, my mistake.
  5. Hi! aflter a lot of tests, I use for main colo Tamiya LP-76, with a marble coat of varios shades os light brown, LP-77, Gaianote 201,204, deck brown and sandy yellow. The top coat was LP-76.
  6. VF-1A SUPER MASS PRODUCTION CONTINUES Started to apply some decals, use magnets for the weapon pilons, bad idea to do that after you glue the wing pieces, but works Use a random number for the Valk.
  7. No not at all, but it is very well engineered.
  8. It is not a PITA, in fact it is a fun build, except for the fact that if you want to build it in flight mode, closing the wheel wells is complicated, Hasegawa should provide these parts. Finding a good display stand is very difficult too.
  9. 1/48 VF-1A Super Cannon Fodder continue
  10. Nice!!! We NEED more stands for Macross Valkyries!!!! 1/48 STANDS please!!!
  11. well, all super parts painted, love de color :), wings painted too and yesterday try to fix some paint problems with the YF-19
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