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Found 24 results

  1. So here’s the thing, I got a hold of a standard release Arcadia SDF-1. The current cost of acquiring a premium is double to triple the standard finish if you can find one. Close-up pictures others had provided online of the premium finish gave me the necessary clues to find matches in glow in the dark paint. Glow-in-the-dark paint finishes that work well are not very diverse. Enough close-up review pictures and coming across a highly phosphorescent paint under the name glow-on let me to an exact color match. Scorched earth toys had wonderful review shots of the premium finish. Notice the grain
  2. Hi everyone first time poster long time lurker. I am looking to complete my newly acquired 1/3000 Takatoku SDF-1. I need all the missiles and planes (both red and blue). If anyone has any they are willing to let go or know someone who has some for sale, please let me know. Since I am new to the board, here are my feedback threads from other boards. I can also provide my ebay feedback if requested DoubleClouder Feedback @ TFW2005 DoubleClouder Feedback @ Tfans Regards, DoubleClouder
  3. Hello everyone, After 10 years, some friends want me to publish my free game about Macross. Never too late to have fun Just hit the link and BEAT THE ZENTRADI FLAGSHIP BOSS!! MACROSS - THE TOWER - FREE GAME Totally free, made by love for MACROSS! By a huge fan who is now graphist artist because of the show. I love Macross about the start, i am creating now a new video game "Dogfight style" and it is on the good way! Contact me if you want to become a test pilote! (When ready to test.) This offer is only for macross lovers over the world! I really want you to get
  4. Two years ago, in 2015, a video of a LEGO SDF-1 on Youtube, inspired me to build my own version from scratch. The build started in LDD (LEGO Digital Designer) which took roughly one year. In 2016 I started to acquire all the needed parts for the build. The build was completed in February 2017. Build time: 2 years Bricks: approx. 11.000 Length: 43.3 inches or 1.1 meters weight: approx 33lbs or 1kg Does it transform ?: No And here are pictures of the completed SDF-1.
  5. Something to go along with those who bought SDF1 Makuros. The package will come with the main attraction Not Monster, and 2 more not battroid. Enjoy!! https://www.facebook.com/Lunartoystore/posts/729437187163959
  6. Hello everybody! i saw some impresive work here, and i would really like some help understanding in detail the mechanics and details of the SDF1. I´ve started a 3d model of it, and, even with some liberties in design, i am trying to do it as detailed as my knowledge and abilities modeling let me. I have made the Control tower, and bridge, but, with the front torso, there ar some parts of wich a i dont understand WHAT they are. I have all the sketches from Macross Encyclopedia site, and a copy of DYRL, but i still don´t get them, what are this ´things´ from the attached pic? They´re Guns? They
  7. Did a search, this didn't pop up so apologies if it's a repost. Interesting read http://www.comicvine.com/sdf-1/4055-55917/forums/sdf-vs-yamato-vs-death-star-vs-galactica-553998/
  8. For sale: Macross ultimate collection DVD boxset In like new conditions, 75GBP + P&P This is supposedly the best DVD version of macross super dimensional fortress 1, from Madman. It's remastered, unedited, uncut, with japanese audio and english subtitles. Released from Madman australia, region4, (make sure your dvd player is either multi-region or region4 before purchasing!) box 9.5/10, discs 10/10, booklets 10/10 I've purchased it new a few ago and watched only once, it's been carefully looked after and kept in a drawer since. I'm based in London UK and happy to post abroad. Pics:
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