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  1. Hahaah that's SO true! ( goshhh how i enjoyed Frontier !!! ) You know, i think i'll start a thread about this, so se can help each other and share knowledge!
  2. Is it me? or everyone in here, in one way o another knows something about programming and/or cg/3d, etc. ?
  3. Ameo! Tenés la macross enciclopedia de Mr. March! tenés BOCHA de fotos y eschematics de todos los angulos ahi! Ts: My friend! Check out Mr. March´s Macross Mecha Manual!
  4. Hola Gente! Hace unos añitos ando pro acá y nunca me presenté ( ni me di cuenta que habia un par mas de compatriotas ) Saludos desde la república separatista de Chacarita!
  5. There´s a lot of technical lenguage i will have to look up there! Thank you for such a great insight On other things; the hole cockpit/gear bay DID work without any ´cheat´, maybe some tweaks on the back/torso; now, the arms got me scratching my head, the closest iv´e got from the attaached line art is this ( pay atention to the support of the shoulders ) I think it can share the rotation axis-gear of the wings, or somethings like that...
  6. I have this love/hate relationship with movie Transformers, you know, i think the 1st one had some of the very best CG i´ve had seen, the mechs not only are there, they feel like they ARE there. But the transformation system? pfsss... like you said, pure cheat. It has no logic or mechanic accuracy. Hated that. I really would love to do some kind of fan made movie. I loved what my countrymem did with Valkyre Project (sad is the outcome it had with all the linceces issues) but, it felt way off the Macross spirit. Very much more Robotech and Western. Either way, right know i am still learning, had to turn down SDF1 for that reason. But, i if i think about it, i am modelling things that i don´t even know i will use/show or not. This is accuracy for fun, and learning. You work on F-16´s??? .... like... inside them!? o_0 PS: If you look it up, the VF-0 (a craft i LOVE) is wat WAY bigger than the VF-1
  7. Really cool idea!!! when i was messing around with full transformation in previous versions (with both ´torso` parts and all that) the lasers where a real trouble. Had to sync very carefouly the keyframes to make everything work well. Now, this idea is just great. I always thought that the lasers were able to rotate and stop at any point ( like that, even in fighter mode you can aim like what, 60 degrees? ) very usefull
  8. Great observation. In my case is a Vf-1s, so, The laser is not in the way. Either way, for a Vf-1a is not a lot what it has to rotate to make room.
  9. Yes march! got them (from your site ) I never got to get what part or what is that thing in the upper right corner form the first image.
  10. Nice!!! And thank you for link, i will read up as soon as i can! ( this thing of 'learn trough The process' can get tiresome )
  11. Ok! So, we all agree with the schematics for The transformaton. But, seen al the feedback, the gear bay is big. ( i did model it taking The size from the master file pic ). Making it smaller is a benefit. Also, The pilot is oversized too.( And that is something to keep un mind to ). Yes! The barrel is in the way, but there is one pic showing that it rotates to make room! So... Tryin to wrap up, smaller front gear, and, that box IS the secondary control. Are there any pics with more references of it?
  12. But, they make sense. If not, The front landing gear shuould be way farther from The cockpit to make some room for the pilot seat to rotate. I did re watch the first and second episodes from Macross and it makes sense. ( other VFs in other series are simpler tough )
  13. I get what you say. Looks like the pilot and/or The seat should be smaller.
  14. Ook! This going somewhere. The gear sholud not be getting down, but, its just to show you it does move too! You have the seat getting in position, and the head too. Also the fron gear bay goes down to make the space (in this vid, the full nose and the actual cage / bay are absent )
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