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  1. Something to go along with those who bought SDF1 Makuros. The package will come with the main attraction Not Monster, and 2 more not battroid. Enjoy!! https://www.facebook.com/Lunartoystore/posts/729437187163959
  2. Here are some comparison on their next product! Also more pic on the FB page https://www.facebook.com/Lunartoystore
  3. Love all these cool photo being posted. This figure is really photogenic~!
  4. This figure will go great with your SDF-1. Its about 20cm tall https://www.facebook.com/Lunartoystore
  5. What kind of light and set you use for those photo? Always want to learn to take good picture.
  6. I think this might turn in to a Master Made thread, unless some one want to have the news credit and open a new thread for this. Here are the next news for you all. https://www.facebook.com/Lunartoystore
  7. You can, just super super hard to separate it. You might as well calling it inseparable. Any one know where on MW form I can post about the next Master Made toy. Which is not Macross. Don't want to enrage hate for crossing the universe.
  8. Wait till you get Metroplex, you can make some great cross over battle scene picture
  9. They are a small group, but very talented. I don't know the ETA how long it took them to complete it, but I know normally it can take up to 6 months for one project from start to finish. I have no idea what MM's plan for 2015 is until they are near completing the project. I think other 3P's are on the side line to see if Macross field is profitable, right now no one i know is making the move other than MM.
  10. Their macross venture is not over yet. at least thats what i understand
  11. If you respond with that just now to my initial email, it would of made more sense, and we would of work things out, but instead you respond with That email above. Beside, and Again i only ask you if you intent to open the box to see if it makes sense to even send you replacement box. I stated all these in the earlier threads, but to your believe, its none of my business to know the situation to help my customers. Add to it, you don't need to open the box to get an initial feel if the product is damage, it have open window. Unless the toy was sat on and that person sat right through the 2 to 3 inch of protection, you can clearly tell if something was wrong from with the toy from the damage corner. Also, if you told me that you open the toy and it was damage i would of help you out just like how i will help out other customers. Replacement parts, exchange, or refund. Your just trying to make me sounds like some one who are trying to unload damage toys and run away. beside, I helped xrentonx out, why would i not help you guys out? You guys say Xrentonx posted on form and i didn't respond, that is because he never reached out to me through the official way yet, and I thought he got it from over sea because he say it could be done by over sea shipping. The moment i found out he got it from me i offer my help.
  12. Then you are going to like this! I didn't create a thread because i figure its not Macross, but this is going to be MM next product.
  13. I provide reasonable service to all, Long as people willing to work with me. I don't believe people should get damage toy, and that is why when people encounter defective product I provide replacement part, and if that don't work, I provide full exchange, or refund. From my first responds to any issues people might have, I stated "Feel free to maintain contact with me about this situation, and I will try to help you as much as I can." I ask those question regarding if the collector want to open the box is for collector to work with me. Because some collector keep it in box never open, and if i provide replacement box it would been pointless, and from that point we would of work something else out. Instead you reply with email stating i have bad customer service, and want a full refund, which i agree to refund and then you brought it to this form. Here is your responds to my initial email attempt to help you. "Just to be clear, you're saying that if I return the item since you shipped it to me damaged that I would have to pay both return shipping to you, and the shipping back to me? I'm fully aware that most companies expect someone returning an item to pay return shipping, but frankly I'm quite disappointed that you expect me to additionally pay to have the item shipped back to me when YOU sent me a damaged item. These are collectible toys, part of collecting these items is the box. You seem to understand this because on your site you list the difference between a Mint Box, C9 and C8 boxes. Also your return/exchange policy mentions box "imperfections" which by your own definitions would be a C9 not a C8 or worse when there is major box damage. Take a look for yourself, I've uploaded some photos of the box damage. In the photos you can see it's not a minor box imperfection as mentioned in your return/exchange policy. Since there was no damage to the USPS shipping box, you can't blame them. Obviously you sent me a damaged item. At this point I don't even want an exchange, I want refund so that I can take my business elsewhere. I'm quite willing to pay more somewhere else than deal with your poor customer service." Bottom line I believe this is perspective, and if people's perspective can't be met, then a refund is due. Which I have provided in the very beginning of this incident. I stand behind my customer service, and i always will. I have plenty of customers who are very happy for what i have done for them, because they are willing to work things out with me, and let me know their situation. If your saying you situation is none of my business then I provide people hassle free refund.
  14. You can contact me for replacement parts if u like.
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