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  1. The Glow-on paint is water based and does not need thinner. It is a bit gritty because of the phosphoresce. Dip the tip of a toothpick and gently drag the paint where you want it. Keep a blacklight handy to check for mistakes before they dry. It isn’t easy and is very tedious. But doable. I will apply matte after I’m done with lining and paint to help protect my work. But only a light dusting of spray for me. And absolutely no touching for a day at least after. Also I will mask the clear plastic windows and bridge as the premium just blanket frosted everything with matte and I don’t like it on the windows. Look for the glow-on website. Bubblegum red and yellow are the two colors you will need to match.
  2. Printing from my iPhone and it did not seem to give me an option. I’ll see if there’s anything I can tweak.Printing from my iPhone and it did not seem to give me an option. I’ll see if there’s anything I can tweak.
  3. Comes out a bit massive. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?
  4. Let me know if you find a link to that decal. No rush. I’m having trouble.
  5. Decal I fits. It’s just supposed to be behind the buildings. I just slid mine on without taking off the backing.
  6. Disappointed that my labels not as cool. But trimmed it and put the thin part in at an angle first and Fisht down in and then worked it over the top of the buildings. Definitely doesn’t look so plain.
  7. Take a look at the sticker I have. This came with the standard Arcadia. Is yours print it from somewhere online? Or did they just out right change what kind of label to use? Because yours looks a heck a lot better.
  8. So did you literally just slide it back behind and get it to lay right?So did you literally just slide it back behind and get it to lay right?
  9. Yes. The paint dries it’s kind of a hard layer or bead where it is placed. And then it appears they apply the topcoat to help protect the painted additions. But if it ever does snap these are definitely matches for the color. http://www.glow-on.com/
  10. Does anyone happen to know if there is a safe way to disassemble the leg with the city? I am of the opinion that the label made for the city background will properly fit but may have been designed without keeping in mind that the buyer would not have good access to disassembling the city. I do believe there is enough space and the sticker is formed to apply behind the city structures. And they definitely seem to of be a piece that is applied over that flat section. I took what screws off that I could today but it seems that I might have to go for screws that are hidden under pieces that are snapped over the screws before they are shipped out. Curious if anyone has done this. I do not want to take too many risks and would be more happy leaving the city alone if I’m too likely to do nothing but cause damage.
  11. I got the standard version and I’m slowly updating it to match the premium as closely as possible. I’ve got it narrowed down that the most likely candidate for the paint they used is either exactly or very similar to glow – on gun sight paint and craft paint. Specifically bubblegum red and yellow which look more like an orange-ish pink and greenish yellow. They also have the same texture.
  12. So here’s the thing, I got a hold of a standard release Arcadia SDF-1. The current cost of acquiring a premium is double to triple the standard finish if you can find one. Close-up pictures others had provided online of the premium finish gave me the necessary clues to find matches in glow in the dark paint. Glow-in-the-dark paint finishes that work well are not very diverse. Enough close-up review pictures and coming across a highly phosphorescent paint under the name glow-on let me to an exact color match. Scorched earth toys had wonderful review shots of the premium finish. Notice the grainy texture that others including those on this forum have on their official premium finished figures. Unfortunately the very things that make the paint so phosphorescent make it very grainy in texture. The paint I am using for the glow in the dark is it glow-on brand “bubblegum red” which dries to more of an orange reddish pinkish color and “yellow” which clothes bright greenish and dries a kind of greenish yellow color. Some of the photos show my online matching of the paint before I ordered it. Close up details of the official premium version are from scorched earth reviews. I’m working on much finer applied panel lining as the official was mass produced by hand application of the panel lining and fine detail paints. I had just discovered this particular form Macross world today. And since I have not officially handled the real premium I had one of my suspicions confirmed. Scorched earth does make the complaint that they decided to frost the windows of the bridge. And someone on the forum had made the case that it actually has a matte topcoat. And this is why the bridge is frosted over. I will be masking my bridge and any other clear parts present. But the topcoat finish likely help to secure the glow-on which does attach and dry very hard but due to it’s grainy bead like nature can be scratched off easy (As I discovered on the shoulder cannons after days of drying not being careful and transformation scraped the dots of paint off the tips and I had to reapply. Also if you own a premium finish but have scratch the glow-in-the-dark paint this should be valuable information to allow you to repair the paint yourself. Glow-on comes in very small vials. But so far I found I’ve added most of the glow in the dark details and still have the majority left by purchasing the medium size which is still a very tiny amount. But for what you have to use it goes along way. It is actually manufactured and mainly advertised as a sight paint for guns
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