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  1. Came with 2 kits or the option to build it as Super and "normal"?
  2. Nice, indeed nice. BUT... big but. where is a new mold in 1/48 ???? YF-21, VF-11B, VF-25??????????????????? PLEASE HASEGAWA!!!!
  3. WOW!!!!!! love it!! Love the color of the fast packs!!
  4. Hi!! BTW love your podcast!! I won 2 prices last year jejejeje. This is how the super parts look at the moment, 1/48 Super Valks are big!!
  5. Thanks guys, yep it is a learning expirience for sure. Thank you for your comments
  6. well, testing my new camara, I know I need to implement a good "photo boot", but I need to understand how to use the camara first, jejjeje These is my recently almost finish Tamiya 1/48 F-14A VF-41 circa 1990.
  7. The Super in 1/48 is heavy!!! Sill no glued
  8. Thanks Gabe !!! I owe you a lot, that's your color combination for the super packs! And the magnets, well ... It is better to install them before gluing and painting the wings hehehehehehehe, my mistake.
  9. Hi! aflter a lot of tests, I use for main colo Tamiya LP-76, with a marble coat of varios shades os light brown, LP-77, Gaianote 201,204, deck brown and sandy yellow. The top coat was LP-76.
  10. VF-1A SUPER MASS PRODUCTION CONTINUES Started to apply some decals, use magnets for the weapon pilons, bad idea to do that after you glue the wing pieces, but works Use a random number for the Valk.
  11. No not at all, but it is very well engineered.
  12. It is not a PITA, in fact it is a fun build, except for the fact that if you want to build it in flight mode, closing the wheel wells is complicated, Hasegawa should provide these parts. Finding a good display stand is very difficult too.
  13. 1/48 VF-1A Super Cannon Fodder continue
  14. Nice!!! We NEED more stands for Macross Valkyries!!!! 1/48 STANDS please!!!
  15. well, all super parts painted, love de color :), wings painted too and yesterday try to fix some paint problems with the YF-19
  16. 1/48 VF-1A CANNON FODDER Continue
  17. I put aside the 1-48 YF-19, a lot of problems with paint :(, so I started a new project, 1/48 VF-1A Super Cannon Fodder TV version. Here the pics. Color test for the "main" color Color test for the fast packs TV (Love it, GabeQ's mix)
  18. Great news. Love your builds!!!
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