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  1. Price has also been adjusted to AUD. Now AUD$400. That makes for a better deal for both AU and US folks. 400 AUD =299.638USD
  2. That's a good question. I'll ask. I have John's original Regult with the clear pieces but could never afford the missile regults at the time. You're welcome to hit Brett up directly too. He's at https://www.facebook.com/Returntokitform/
  3. Thanks vince. I heard back from Brett/R2KF. Pricing is set at USD$350 (+shipping). R2KF is also releasing the 1/72 Moscato Regult later this year at USD$120. There's flex to discount for multiple purchases. Best to hit them up via their email. Again, I have no business/financial interest in R2KF. I'm just a Macross modeler and Brett is a good buddy of mine so I want to share some info on some hard to find kits. Mark
  4. Aye. Sorry, he didn't give me pricing. I'll ask again. USD->AUD should work out well. AUD is back to Pacific Peso value these days.
  5. Morning folks, Just wanted to put up a thread about a reissue of the Captain's 1/72 Gnerl. The original Gnerl masters were purchased a year or two ago by a friend of mine here in Aus, who runs Return to Kit Form. He asked me to post a thread here because he can't join (MW not accepted new members at the moment?). Here's a few pics of the kit. It's big. There's info in the pics - its official release is today and you can hit up Brett through the R2KF address: returntokitform@gmail.com I don't have the price. If I find out I'll post it here, otherwise just contact him through the email. Thanks Mark
  6. No worries! Just to be clear the offer was for pictures, not to make molds - I thought pics might help with inspiration or design. I'm not a sculptor so don't know if that's useful or not.
  7. EXO can you use pics of StudioStarforge pilots? I have both the male and female UN Spacy pilot sets. Haven't got to them yet.
  8. If it helps, I can go dig out my VF-4 kit (I bought in the same run in 2012) and check the parts?
  9. Yep, he was banned from here earlier this year. I'm not 100% sure on the reason but I think he overstepped and EXO wasn't happy. I know Brett and have worked with him. Try sending a message on SSM. Cool. I thought it was a done deal already. I have a scout and a regular (plus all the destroids) from John way back when.
  10. I think he has picked up most of the Moscato moulds, including Regult versions and NosG. I can't believe how quickly time has passed since following Moscato posting his weekly updates on the kits as he made them. Good times.
  11. 1.) The website hasn't been updated in 3 years. 2.) "Report this guy" to whom? StudioStarforge has nothing to do with MW. 3.) How did you go with PMing him and emailing? Buddy, you should be careful calling someone a scammer. That's the same as calling someone a thief. I get that you just want what you've paid for but a website is an automated system. Just contact Petar and ask about your order. Mark
  12. This is worse than Robotech kickstarter! Immediate refund! We all know nothing will be done by end of October.
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