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  1. Got the Woodland Armor yesterday, been on my want list for ever. Thanks Bolt!! Awesome communication and well done transaction!!
  2. If you've got something you're willing to part with, please shoot me a pic of the shirt and let me know the price. I've both bought and sold here, and am on the "good" list.
  3. My Macross shirts I've bought from here are all completely loved but well worn, so I'm hoping to replenish my closet. Anyone have any extra L/XL shirts they don't want, got wrong size of, or are sitting on overstock of? This is for personal use, not looking to make a buck off your old shirt or buy in bulk. Prefer DYRL era. Thanks all, much appreciated in advance.
  4. I just couldn't believe how awful the first GI JOE movie was. To completely and utterly fail that bad with so much history and background to work from was almost awe inspiring. I lived in Germany during most the 80's so my access to toys and cartoons was limited. GI Joe and MASK were available in the PX, but I'd never heard of Visionaries until now and after reading about them on wiki it's too bad they didn't last long. The premise sounds interesting enough...
  5. Is the 2nd 1/48 cannon fodder still available and if so, is it missing the rear stabilizers? Thanks and cheers
  6. I've got a buddy who is good with creating molds, I'll ask him if it would be much trouble to make a resin copy of my filler piece. If he doesn't mind, I can have one made and send it out to you if you want. Let me know.
  7. Might have better luck posting this in the "looking for" section? Good luck at any rate.
  8. Not my niche but it looks like a great piece, should make some one quite happy. Good luck
  9. Hey ManTech, I was wondering / hoping on any update on this? I'm still very interested. Hope you recovered well after your surgery. Thanks!
  10. Nice, buyer got a great piece. That was my first Macross purchase and what brought me here.
  11. Bumping because that is a great price; if I didn't already have one I'd be all over this. Good luck.
  12. That's pretty damn solid of you. I don't collect 1/55, but I'm sure someone will appreciate this very much.
  13. This is why I love this forum. Great, informed answers to desperate questions. Gonna save this for when it (inevitably) happens to me. CG, can you update with results?
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