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  1. Question , I ordered this from Nippon Yasan . it was delivered when I was out town. And I did not pick it up in time, so they sent it back ... what should or can I do??
  2. They could be fun .. agree Rick looks like Chucky and Roy and Minnay not much better. The regult, Vf-1, SDF, and gerwalk look the best of the bunch.
  3. Gabriel, I think I got it to work now. I was not locking it at the proper time. Thanks!!
  4. I think it's that the chest thrusters haven't been pulled up. I see what you are saying. I lifted the chest thrusters up. But I noticed that it does not feel ‘locked’ in that position, just a minor amount of pressure and it falls down. Is there something to lock it in place better? Gabriel - badass pic
  5. Haha that is a good idea!! @VF-18S Hornet thanks for the reply on the previous post. I figured out the transorm on youtube. The instructions were a little vague. The ARMD platforms weren’t extremely hard to attach, but weren’t super easy either. I was a little concerned I might break something if I pushed too hard. I vaguely remember hearing how hard the ARMD platforms were to attach on the first release. Once again this thing is a beauty, and glad I finally purchased it., looking forward to the premium finish!!
  6. Mine arrived yesterday. I missed the original release years ago, so this is my first. I am really impressed, it is a beautiful toy even if its not the premium version, which I pre-ordered as well. Figured I may sell the original when the premium version arrived, but I’ll probably keep both since these are so cool.
  7. Any idea when the regular version is going to be released? I thought I received an email that it may ship soon .
  8. Also ordered from NY and it was $628 including ems shipping with tracking ouch Will probably cancel the hlj. but it could be a good buy and hold option to sell later.
  9. No option to cancel one of the orders yet On the first order I got distracted, and it took me a while to fill in the payment options. when I hit submit it almost looked like I had been logged out. so logged back in but did not see any orders, so I placed a second. Then got two pre-ordee emails I'll pay that HLJ markup to make sure I get one .
  10. Its back up at HLJ! I accidently preordered 2. Maybe I'll ebay one. was bummed wheni first saw POs closed. Thanks to everyone for all the info on this thread. I lurk more than I post.
  11. My 1/48 in action. I agree with some of the other members this looks better in fighter mode. This and the strike parts were literally in the box for years. Because I felt battroid transformation was a pain and it did not look as impressive in that mode. Glad I revisited it, and put it all together again.
  12. Thanks!Those stands look sweet, definitely getting one.
  13. Put it in fighter mode with the Yamato stand. Kind of giving up bothering with Battroid.
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