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  1. Ok, let's talk about the elephant in the room ! Mike, how much orders you need to put this astouning baby back in production ? I'm one of the guys who lost the chance to buy it and still wanna it ! Please think about ! Cherrs !
  2. Xigfrid, any ideia when the Macross Zero Cheyenne will be available to sell ? This's the baby i wanna buy !!! BUt make it in 1/72, please !
  3. 3D printed or resin, that's don't matter, i wanna these babys in 1/72 !
  4. wow, amazing ! Could please put here the link to Shapeways ? I wanna buy it - but in 1/72 !
  5. I have John's intructions, i'll send to you tomorrow (Sunday)
  6. OK folks ! I'm looking for some resin short-run models from ours great friends John Moscato and Plastic Cretins ( and some small vehicles from TrundaYet too ), so if you have it and want to sell it, just contact me and let's talk about it. See you later, best regardas ! What i want: Zentraedi Quiltra-Quelamitz ship ( from John Moscato ) Lancer II ( from Plastic Cretins ) XM-3002 Low Gravity Jeep and APC ( from TrundaYet )
  7. I already place my order for 3 models, don't lose this chance to have these pieces of att in your desk ! C'mon guys, let's make It happens !!!!
  8. Great News ! Nice to see some of John's models back in market, your friend is plannig a reissue of all Regult versions ? I still need 3 of then to complete muito collection !
  9. Ah, Veritech... Don't listen this name for a long, long time !
  10. This's the version brought by Indian Air Force, heavy customize and wiht a lot of improviments comperes with the initial versions. But yeah, it's damm pretty !
  11. 10 X 272003 VALKRIE cockpit 10 X 272004 VF-1 Intaker and Nozzle 1 X 272002 YF/VF-19 Series 3 X 272005 VF-11 Thunderbolt That's my whishlist from previous post - maybe more if the cockpit as inteke sets can be put on gerwalks - i still wanna all of then but unfortunelly i'm bankruptured until next year. And the exchance dolar X brazilian money it terrible to us. If they accept some body organ... Maybe a long run can fix things, i don't know. Oh i had forgoot the VF-22 sets, another 5 to me... I'm lost, please someone help me !!!
  12. I take for me Cool8or's words ! Make it on 1/72, please !
  13. wow ! When - and where - it will be available to buy ?? Wanna buy it !
  14. stunning, amazing job, just incredible ! Now make it in 1/72 !
  15. Oh my God... dude, make it in 1/72, please !
  16. Well, Gabe G, we need to wait until John's next step, i'm not sure about what he wanna do, i prefer a correction set, even with this model being a limited edition, i feel it have the potential to sell a lot of sets. But a completelly new version from John could be amazing ! Any clue about the future, Captain ?
  17. it looks just great, an agressive and dangerous war machine, just perfect !
  18. So it's looks like we have few options to get an decent replica of DYRL SDF-1: Wait Hasegawa see this stupidy mistake and re-create this model as the way it must be = impossible dream Wait a correction set from our dear Captain = oh yeah, please, please ! An new model from another company = impossible dream ? Who knows ? Do-your-self improviment, using your skills to fit this garbage = nah, i'm fine, i pass and can wait John's correction set. Wherever option you have, one thing is clear. This's not the model we are looking for ! Great dissapointed with you, Hasegawa, bad kid, bad, bad kid ! Go to your room without dinner. And the Wi-Fi is off to you from the rest of the year !
  19. oh boy, oh boy, oh boy !!!!! Where we can buy this amazing PE sets ???? webpage address please !
  20. 2. Payment due upon ready to ship. - this option to me, only God knows when i'll have money in my wallet again...
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