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1 hour ago, EmilianoAlfaro said:

the three  saddle bags can be opened, I do not understand very well what you mean

The Pole that connects the 2 side bags. When they are opened, does the pole fill the saddle bag? 

Is the pole flush with the saddlebag case or does it protrude into the saddle bag, filling the space inside (once opened)?


Does that make sense ?

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2 hours ago, teckno viking said:

Looks Great.

How much of the pole protrudes into the saddle bags or don't they open?

Based on the photos Emiliano posted, I assumed it’s the ‘white’ portions on both ends of the silver pole is inserted. I’m guessing that it’s not going to fill the whole inside space of the side bags.




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1 hour ago, Snake Eyes said:

Those are Top notch quality bags... did you 3D print them yourself?

where can I get a set?

Not sure about this. But those looks like a customized saddle bags from the old 1/12 variable transforming Ride Armor kits. Hope Emiliano can tell us. ^_^ 

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6 hours ago, captain america said:

Just a quick reminder, I'll start accepting pre-orders for the 1/12 Mospeada accessories on Wednesday. 

Better pics coming soon.


how do those paniers mount?

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13 hours ago, Mommar said:

I really don’t like the gappy look of the redone Legioss in Soldier mode.

But notice how the Legioss doesn't have the unsightly fuselage/nose cone overhang from the back. Personally I think it's just years of conditioning to sloppy toy proportions, that now makes it look somewhat gappy. Essentially it is a similar struggle like with the VF-1, too high or too low with the fuselage part in Battroid mode.

4 hours ago, Convectuoso said:

So, unlike what they did with the ride armors, the Legioss seems to be the classic design and not a new design. 

I like that. 

I wonder what size it will be 

On the left of the Legioss full frontal imager you can see a bit of the ride armor figure. My rough estimation is that the Legioss will be as tall as a straight standing figure. Not sure what scale that would calculate to, maybe someone can figure it out.

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21 minutes ago, Valkyrie Hunter D said:

Sentinel's Legioss looks good from the rear. I love how the feet don't extend too far out back. I'm still trying to get used to the enlarged nose/cockpit area though.

Except that in a real-world scenario, the way the blocky legs/calves are both pushed forward and outward means that the wing's inner flaps are impaired in fighter mode. This is made worse if the gun is attached to the leg/underside of the wing. Not good design work. That's why on my version the 80mm cannon was relocated in Fighter mode to mount topside on the inside of the arm. This also makes it easier for the pilot to aim because the rifle is much closer to the aircraft's centerline. Of course, that's the Moscato version. I doubt they could get away with such a change on a licensed item.

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I'm warming up to this design in fighter mode, but I'm very used (decades) to seeing the feet/legs extending far out back. It now looks short and stubby.

I'm not feeling soldier mode at all. Chest/intakes spread too much out, short forearns compared to the big shoulders and the lower legs also look short. Head also looks big compared with the rest of the robot.

But it's still an early prototype, so there's room for improvements.

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I have loved the Legioss since the 80's when it was an 'Alpha' and this version hits me where I liked it most - Fighter mode.  I have never liked the compromise that the toys had to make with the massive foot/toe jutting out the back of the plane.  Always wondered why it was so exaggerated in every toy rendition.  This version makes it look like it was always possible and causes me to wonder why it's taken so long to get it to look this 'right' in fighter mode.

Of course the realist in me knows that this version has had to make a lot of changes in order for this to happen, and like the Captain mentioned above, the most obvious is the way legs have to squish down and crowd the wings.  It's a concession I don't mind though.

I wish I had pictures of the one I built out of Lego in the early '90s.  I know I had to make a lot of design choices that weren't all good.  Still, it was without doubt the most fun thing I ever built from Lego and really made me appreciate how much thought (and anime magic) went into the Legioss design overall.

This looks like it'll be the first toy from Mospeada I've ever seriously considered purchasing.

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This is going to be my first non-model kit transforming Legioss in 35 years. :rolleyes: 

Didn't get a chance of owning a Gakken 1/35 Legioss nor the Toynami Masterpiece Collection 1/55 Legioss which I think it looks perfect as is except for some major QC problems. As for the recent released Evolution Toy figure, in which I didn't took a risk of ordering one since their VF-2SS foray left a bad taste in my mouth. But seeing how satisfied I am with Sentinel's take on the Ride Armors recently I think they will do a great job in this version of Legioss. Can't wait to preorder one. ^_^



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38 minutes ago, enphily said:

Looks like cockpit in soldier mode is really almost horizontal!

Also, from the front in soldier it looks like SD figure, but from other angles it's fantastic!

6 hours ago, mickyg said:

I have never liked the compromise that the toys had to make with the massive foot/toe jutting out the back of the plane.

It seems the toys have always compromised fighter mode for armor-soldier... perhaps this one does the opposite.

Definitely something new and different going on with the cockpit and nosecone there.


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