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  1. Gladly preordered this amazing rendition of the Legioss, even the price seems fair, for these days at least. I can't believe the Yamato 1/24 Patlabor was similarly priced back then though
  2. I really like both modes and I think it's the closest to the anime a transforming toy has ever gotten so far although Aoshima version is certainly a close second. The shortening of the cockpit in armo-soldier is a great idea and solves one of the ugliest compromises the other versions have made. The proportions of the feet seem much more balanced than previous versions too. Hopefully its articulation (hips mostly) will blow the competition out of the water too. The more compact rear booster area in armo-fighter, the way the head is stowed under the cockpit are really showing progress compared to most previous versions. I'm not really sold on the small tailfins here but I guess Sentinel had to compromise on this because of the proportions of the forearms. I wonder if the legioss will be sold a bit cheaper than the ride armors. It probably will, right? I mean it's only one figure and there should be less pieces composing it too.
  3. I had doubts the Legioss would have integrated landing gears but from one of the following pics it looks like it will. Found on twitter :
  4. That statue looks hideous to me, design, pose, proportions, everything looks pretty bad. I'd buy a proper sofubi figure in a heartbeat, this thing I'd never bother owning
  5. Very nice work, keep it going! I was and still am a huge fan of Gooseman's character. His ranger power being based on a super immune system is a brilliant idea and his Clint Eastwood looks did the rest. I also love the fighter craft, the design was somewhat reminiscent of the Galactica Vipers but so much sleeker. I did some Goose fanart a few years back and remember noticing how the fighter's design was kind of looking like a buffalo or goat skull you'd see in those 70's western movies.
  6. I wouldn't worry too much about that. If I'm not mistaken the same thing happened with the VF-2SS and it was still available at most online resellers after release. Unless Evo Toys drastically reduced the production numbers this time that is ^^ ...
  7. Frogze

    Hi-Metal R

    That's it yes. I tried it on my original HM vf-1j hikaru release but it doesn't seem to have it or maybe it's just way too stiff. I'll check my original HM Roy and Max too
  8. Frogze

    Hi-Metal R

    I'm not sure if this has been mentioned as an improvement for the HMR VF-1 line over the original releases but I just noticed a few days ago while transforming my HMR VF-1S Roy into battroid mode that the backpack can now be pushed down and it actually clicks into place and locks very securely. On the original release you'd push the backpack down a bit but didn't have the click into place feature and eventually it would get out of position when handled even moderately. That's especially helpful with the FAST packs installed as they stressed the backpack and pulled it out of position way too easily. Apologies in advance if that a commonly known fact ^^
  9. Thanks for the scale comparison pic Duymon. Looks like it'll be a pass for me, the size difference with the Brave Gokin is way too big and I'm just not liking this toyline enough to bother tracking the previous releases even if the zero looks really nice
  10. Two thumbs up, Chronocidal
  11. That would be great, I'm looking forward to it Thanks a lot Duymon! I only got the blue one and I agree with you the Broken is a complete mess of a toy, but as a display piece it looks nice enough for me to overlook its many flaws. I didn't change its pose since almost 2 years now and it hasn't fallen apart yet. The elbows are wrapped in a piece of cloth and they used to pop out all the time. Nice looking detail but what an incredibly backward build. If the RD version is in comparable scale I'd love to get that version as a more posable replacement
  12. Any idea of how these Ingrams compare to the CM's scale-wise? I can't find anything on that yet online and I'd love to pick some of these to complete my CM's lineup
  13. That Riobot is the most beautiful toy I've seen in quite some time. It's going to be pricey but hopefully the build quality will not disappoint as Sentinel usually produces good stuff. Regarding transformation as Kazuo said earlier it looks like this one is actually working "realistically" regarding the transition from rider on a bike to armored trooper. It'll be very exciting if they can pull it off and still limit the transformation headache below Beagle levels.
  14. I bought this master grade on sale for kitbash modding a few years back. It has individually articulated fingers and the proportions fit the Gakken 1/35 just fine. http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10009248
  15. Frogze

    Hi-Metal R

    @MikeRoz : the pegs that go into the back of the legs are not properly in (should go all into the calves), that should help with the gap at the back of the knees. The backpack is on a double hinge so it can be straightened up (yours is obviously droopy here, you need to press a bit at the hinge to wiggle the rear upward). This also helps reduce that gap because the backpack goes a bit lower here. The vertical stabilizers can be pushed in so they are perfectly flush with the backpack too. There's still a small gap behind the knees and the upper fuselage but honestly it's only noticeable if you look directly from the side
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