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  1. im happy to buy any broken figures
  2. wonder what it would take to custom engineer a part like that in metal...
  3. Okay... so I have put in a preorder at BBTS and at ami ami. (im sure I can cancel one of those when the time comes) just not sure which would be cheaper... So I have till April to get the scratch together to afford it 😢 lets hope I can by then otherwise will have to cancel both Anyone know what shipping might be from Japan (HLJ) to South Africa?? last time I bought a mospeada from Big Bad Toystore... took way longer but was far cheaper.
  4. depending on what scale they use, they might end up to be quite huge
  5. https://tatsunoko.co.jp/news/3462
  6. anyone willing to sponsor me a pre-order?
  7. AHHH... okay touché... the pictures you first put up were 3D renders... so I apologize
  8. Those are just 3D renders... not physical models
  9. Hudson: Hey Vasquez, have you ever been mistaken for a man? Vasquez: No, have you?
  10. That is a route I can consider, I have a friend with a 3D printer, but I'm just worried that it wont turn out as well. Guess... I wont know till i try hmmm...if only I could afford to do that (the figure it comes with is like a deluxe thing, so pretty spensive)
  11. I am still looking for a place or a way to get the pieces that clip on around the Riobot base to make it the larger one (like in the image) Anyone know where/how I could get or if someone willing to part with the extra pieces if they are not using them on another figure or something
  12. thats really cool! and I appreciate the effort that went into it. my only comment (coming from a professional 3D animator standpoint) some of your animations need tightening up and a bit more snap to them. otherwise AWESOME and well done
  13. (out of curiosity) could you elaborate to what makes it a 100% fail in your books?
  14. they should have made it large enough to fit both the Riobot Ride armour and the figure as the Pilot
  15. that shot reminds me of when Scott burst through the door of that fortress in the mountain with the fireball behind him. Awesome shot Kuma Style
  16. Heya all, I'm looking to try and get the larger display base parts for the Riobot/sentinel bases (so the 4 pieces that clip in around the base that comes with the Ride armour) does anyone know where I could get or who I could buy them off of? its the top section of this image: It came with some of the larger figures from sentinel like the Sentinel Riobot Mazinkaiser and a few others
  17. guys, I'm looking to try and get the larger base parts for the Riobot bases (so the 4 pieces that clip in around the base that comes with the Ride armour) does anyone know where i could get or who I could buy them off of, or a forum I could ask in?
  18. ha ha... words in Afrikaans use "v" as a "f" but then again... alot of the words are strange in Afrikaans all coming from the roots of a Dutch dialect
  19. the cockpit on the Beta stil confuses me
  20. hmm... just noticed now, from the prototype images of Houquet, She has a different backpack booster system. She has a splitting dual booster system (similar to the Genesis breaker design)
  21. https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.tatsunoko.co.jp%2Fnews%2F3462
  22. more than likely related to this
  23. Got around it http://www.tatsunoko.co.jp/news/3462 ooo... theres more images on the site (of the bike and the rider)
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