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  1. Night of the mini dead was my favorite. Liked season 3 much better than season 2.
  2. I want, but will wait and see if they do a PF version.
  3. Been considering getting rid of the 2 HMR destroids and looking for a Yamato Tomahawk. I will buy this.
  4. You nailed the problems with the characters better than I could, kudos. In the anime, Jet knew about Spike's past, which was a big part of his understanding of Spike (but is mysterious to us the viewer and is slowly revealed throughout the series). In Netflix's version, we know too much too soon. And to blame us Gen X'ers for its demise...just look at the Rotten Tomatoes scores. It simply isn't very good or well liked.
  5. The series is fun, but nuts. A good ride, I'm glad Netflix stuck with it.
  6. easnoddy

    Hi-Metal R

    So we are finally getting the Tomahawk??? I'm divesting of most of my HMR, but will keep destroids and Zentran mecha. Hopefully we see Phalanx, Q-Rau and N-Ger in the near future.
  7. I'd give it 3/10. The space CG was pretty well done as was the planet settings. Jet was accurate but kinda oddly cartoony-acted. The whole thing is kinda that way. I didn't like how the facial hair was done, it looked fake. The kid bit was dumb and totally unnecessary. Spike talks too much. Cho got some of him right, but Spike's a man of few words in the original show. The backstory was fine. Did they make up the name "Fearless" just for this or was it in the manga? Vicious is all wrong. He's like a Dick Tracy or Tim Burton Batman villain. He's not brooding, just an petulant child with daddy issues. Gone is his military background on Titan, and all the complexity of the character. Faye is just all wrong. All the enigma of Faye for most of the series is completely missing, as is her suave bravado. Instead she's just...an American teenager in a 20-something body. I take issue with the NEED to change her character. She was a good character in the anime. She's not in this show. Julia...was she a singer prior to this? She was mysterious by design in the anime...and she's not mysterious in this show. IMO the whole show should have been a lot darker and less cartoony. More like season 1 of Altered Carbon.
  8. Rebuild 1.11 and 2.22 were really good, I liked them a lot. Rewatched both a few days ago. 3.33 started getting a little nuts and 3.0+1.0 IMO got totally whack. I actually rewatched 3.33 last night, I know 14 years passed, but it just didn't feel like Eva to me. Even Misato in the goggles just felt weird. How did they (NERV and WILLE) have the manpower (or machine power) to construct everything they did in it? The Lillith CG was (again IMO) just bad. Like 20 years ago college student bad. Unfinished and amateurish. And the souls being represented by full sized Evas just...huh?
  9. Yawn. I just want the other 2 VF-1A supers in HMR. I don't have PO for the VF-1D or GBP-1S, will see how available those are around release time.
  10. I still have to do 109 (I also have a couple fix issues to get from HLJ), but my test fit is similar. Especially under the aft main battery like yours. Part of the issue may be the bulkhead before the fighter bay. When I'm done with the wiring I'll try my best to deal with the gap. Does anyone have an idea what kind of paint to get to touch up some of the blue parts? I have a couple stress marks on bits hanging off the tower.
  11. Full kit up for sale. http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&pub=5575378759&campid=5338273189&customid=&icep_item=224446564590&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229466&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg&toolid=11111
  12. I will end up trimming the anchor after much testing. I still need to do 109 and fix a couple previous issues. Has anyone else gotten a binders for the manuals? I'm disappointed they only hold 15 books. Plenty of empty space remaining. I'd rather they hold 20-25.
  13. Would much rather have figures to scale.
  14. Would be cool if they did a re-cut of the season 1 in linear order prior to releasing season 2. Anyone who wasn't familiar with the story or characters was completely lost watching it the original way.
  15. The MEP shock trooper is pretty cool and stylized. The design looks a lot like the early episodes.
  16. Seriously, why is Robotech even part of this discussion? Its a DEAD franchise which by-and-large makes crappy merchandise. HG would have done good to basically tombstone Robotech and just do the work to license/distribute Macross and Mospeada internationally. That way they get access to Bandai and Arcadia toys and those companies just have to put the little HG sticker on the boxes and pay the licensing and get open access to the international (and American) markets. HG should absolutely look to reboot Mospeada with the new designs like was done with SB Yamato. Thats a potential money-maker right there.
  17. easnoddy

    Hi-Metal R

    I'm personally not getting HMR TV Max and Kakizaki if they release them, especially with the beautiful DX 1A Max, I just want a DX TV Kakizaki (not trying to derail into a DX thread). I will get a trident stand just for HMR DYRL skull squadron, that would be sweet. Sold off my DX DYRL Kakizaki as the DYRL color schemes are simply too basic and similar. I sold of the DYRL Hikaru 1S because I have the DX. If I can secure the DX 1D, I'll sell my HMR 1D also. I just want 3-4 more DX and I'm out (TV Kakizaki, 1D, 1A CF and maybe a 2nd TV 1S + booby duck armor...but I want a Hikaru pilot and name on the canopy). But I might be willing to swap out my Arcadia 1J Max and Milia for DX's also. Really wanting to pare things down a bit to a single representation of each valkyrie design.
  18. easnoddy

    Hi-Metal R

    I'd really like for them to finish DYRL skull squadron (Max/Kakizaki), the 2 remaining destroids (Phalanx/Tomahawk) and then the TV CF Zentran mechs (Q-Rau/N-Ger). Would happily exchange a good HMR Milia Q-Rau for the old Yamato one. As it is I've been selling off any HMR that I have large scale versions (DX/Arcadia) and ones I wasn't super fond of.
  19. I installed the issue I messed up (AA mechanism) and have drilled out the AA guns that had broken pegs in the bottom. Electronics tested, so far most everything works...Not sure about the side torpedoes though. I need to re-solder one of the light boards for the wing lights and then fit the drilled out turrets (would rather have a new issue #079). Was pretty stoked how well the 3rd bridge opening mechanism worked. Otherwise done through issue #95. Hope to finish it this month. Then will see what I can come up with regarding the subscription-exclusives, and figure out if I want to start the Andromeda and whether I to keep up with the Macross one (I've abandoned it around #50...and one of the wings doesn't work). That said, my entire 2nd set 001-110 will be going up on EBay soon. Likely going to be 11 boxes to ship.
  20. I'll quit after the 02 (unless they make 4-armed 03). I don't care for the Rebuild 00 as much as the 00' from the TV show. In general I like the show designs better. Especially the 00' and 03, despite them having the same body.
  21. Weird, Hachette doesn't have issue #79 listed. I could use a replacement. Warning about glueing the AA turrets down...
  22. I sold off all my ET Legioss, when I got them back out of the box I looked at the legs in fighter mode and said "this is crap". Its crap for other reasons, but especially for that reason. They could have solved the aesthetic issue by simply making the wings bigger (and adding a mechanism to collapse them to compensate). Happy to have better representations of the Legioss.
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