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Bandai DX Chogokin 1/48 VF-1


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4 minutes ago, dapro said:

Dang it, its paypal checkout and processing... should I hit refresh???

Got a could not process your order message at paypal :angry:

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These webstores should be capable of handling a good number of visitors.  Is it just 5 guys using bots that just over load these stores?

I bombed out on these 2 pre-orders.  I'm going to out of the game the way this is going.


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Just now, Lolicon said:

"I hope Arcadia goes out of business so Bandai can be the sole provider of Macross toys!"

Who's the genius who said that? I miss Arcadia.

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Just now, Valkyrie23 said:

OK this is odd. I had multiple tabs spinning at NY to check out of my cart

the main site I'm ticketed out of the site now. But my second tab My cart is now going thru the checkout process ??


You got one, don't ask questions.

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