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  1. Very interesting, looks like for this item they don't charge up front. Hopefully they are able to secure enough stock.
  2. https://www.amazon.co.jp/-/en/dp/B09M6R8RH8/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=vf-25+dx&qid=1637565584&refinements=p_n_date%3A2320554051&rnid=82820051&s=hobby&sr=1-1 All Gone
  3. Got a metal build Eva 02 but missed this. Well going to be interesting what "worldwide" means in terms of other retailers outside of Japan selling it.
  4. Had the exact same issue with the figure. Was able to get a replacement out from my vendor, but it seems to be a sensitive part in packaging.
  5. Crazy how fast that went out of stock.
  6. Very tempting, but going to keep my figures crossed that other stores find additional stock and I'm able to get it for closer to MSRP. What a dangerous game!
  7. Yes, English is available. Just engage in chat as you would normally and it should route you to someone who speaks english.
  8. Sorry to hear that, kind of shocking that that happened since the item still appears to be in stock on Amazon JP? Maybe try another customer rep?
  9. Don't know how the credit card company can help since it's been over a year since the order has been placed and I am not aware of anyone getting a successful refund that way. I, too, have sent them multiple messages and received no reply.
  10. If paying 25800 yen, wouldn't the additional cost of a proxy such a Tenso increase the price to more that what you typically will see aftermarket on places like ebay? Just wondering as have never used a proxy before
  11. My order was 1 year 4 months so not sure if I have any avenue for help. Anyone else have luck otherwise?
  12. When was your order initially placed?
  13. Hey Kuma Style, if you haven't ordered those EVA heads on showz yet they're instock and both the regular and 2020 editions have arrived. I gotta say the paint and sculpt quality is excellent.
  14. Yup I've been waiting for my strike parts to ship from N-Y since changing shipping method almost 2 months ago. Really hope they can find a source to honor the order. If only I picked these up elsewhere. Thankfully it's my last order to be fulfilled through them and then I'm out.
  15. Yup, only 2 orders left to ship and no matter how good the deal, will avoid them like the plague.
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