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  1. Since this is the first product out since Harmony Gold allowed sales of Macross related stuff outside of Japan, does this mean we can buy it directly off Tamashii website, if we are not in japan? #falsehope
  2. They refunded for me within 10 minutes from of the email from FromJapan with the Cancellation. I got the email FromJapan at 12/24/2020 11:50pm PST and paypal said it got the refund on that same day.
  3. I pre-ordered it from fromjapan too. I received my Arcadia VF-0D PF from there and I have my Arcadia VF-4A PF pending from there as well. I remember last time fromjapan replied they reached quantity if they can't order anymore.
  4. I finally got a reply from nin-nin-game, saying the TV VF-1S package is too big and I need to pay $20 USD more. to ship to the US.
  5. Still waiting for my VF-1S from Nin-NinGame. I guess I shouldn't have ordered Economy-Registered Shipping. I messaged them worrying if there was still a shipping issues with JPost to the US. Their last reply from my status request was: Thank you for your message, Due to the restriction with the covid 19 Our stock delivery is a bit late. Your order will be ship as soon as possible If you need anything else please let us know. Kind Regards Steven Sato Nin-nin-game Customer Service Support
  6. Finally got my VF-0D from FromJapan. I asked for Surface Mail when they asked me which delivery service. Took almost 3 months from Japan to SF, but arrived in pristine condition.
  7. I got the email from FromJapan. looks like its a win win. I agreed to continue the purchase and they will charge me the extra amount in the second charge, when the product arrives. So I have a reprieve for the PF cost till Feb 2021. I only needed to pay the deposit.
  8. I ordered from FJ too and was only quoted for the deposit as well. I am surprised, since I bought the 0D PF the same way and had to pay full price upfront. Nevermind they said they made a mistake and upped the price to regular amount. I guess the first people the requested it, they didn't know how to pay.
  9. I just ordered mine via proxy via FromJapan,.... It worked for me for my VF-0D PF but it did take a long time for them to ship it out due to the half year delay. I just followed the instructions of the same question when I posted in the Arcadia 1/60 Perfect Transformation VF-0D for 2015 topic, modified with the VF-4 PF link of course
  10. Did anyone order from From Japan get any update yet?
  11. Yes that is exactly what i was talking about. they are both the same in the replacement parts. As for the quality issues there was more flash (not sure if that is only a gunpla term) in the replacement leg plastic than the original legs.
  12. Just got my replacement parts in the mail from HLJ. Damn I guess I did get perfect ones the first time. the new ones come with the same sided joint on the back. I'm not talking about the ones mentioned in the replacement instructions. If you pull out the legs and look at the opposite side of problem mismatch joints , both the legs have the bump on the same side of the leg. I have to add though the new parts have worse quality than the original legs.
  13. Was there any mention of Release date? Sorry looking through the thread, couldn't find any mention.
  14. This pic makes me wish Arcadia came out with the Armored VF-11C version.
  15. Mine are exactly like your picture, but my ankle part is correct in my version , just like ArchieNov's
  16. Since we are missing some of the VF-0S Ghost love. too bad Arcadia never made the Ghost, even though they had the conversion parts to hold it with the VF-0S. The Yammie tanks and missile pods are so loose on the Arcadia.
  17. Where are you guys ordering? Don't see the listing in the usual places yet?
  18. Technically you need to put in the YF-30 too since that is where the name Siegfried came from. lol but great pic. can't wait for the armor to finally finish the collection.
  19. Just got my VF-31E has shipped notificaiton from Nin-Nin-Game
  20. Thanks, The conversions dialog went though so fast that even searching for strike packs takes a couple of pages to come thru. I am assuming the same JST time as the 1S release?
  21. Did they give a date for pre-ordering of the the Strike Packs yet?
  22. Makes me feel that the VF-1 Strike Parts are going to be really bad too. when does that go on sale again?
  23. Damn at payment for NY and it just sold out.
  24. LOL, all the bots got them. crap I should really invest in building bots to buy stuff
  25. Damn added to cart for HLJ successfuly went to pay and the same as you guys timeout, then after 10 minutes says sold out. It wouldn't have been sold out if you loaded.
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