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  1. I've been doing the pre-order game with you all a long time and this is the first time in a long time I landed one off hlj!
  2. Yes. NY did there's already.
  3. NY markup batches no longer a thing?
  4. Does NY still do multiple batches at successively higher markups or is that the good (bad) old days gone by?
  5. This pre-order business has gotten way more brutal. I used to be able to score on CDJ every time...what happened? Anyway I lucked out on Amiami...which I almost never do. Weird times.
  6. Yeah, if they make you pay up front they better have their shi't together This is pathetic.
  7. So I ordered 2 sets of SSP from NY and paid up front in June last year...I haven't seen them ship yet and these have been out for awhile. What gives? Are a lot of you in the same boat?
  8. So one more time since I'm a dummy. The ankle parts that slide are supposed to be facing the same way like this pic (asymmetrical) right? It's the front toe that should be symmetric? I got the replacement parts from HLJ and my ankles are asymmetric but my front toes are symmetric. This is correct?
  9. Someone jog my memory...does the cockpit sit horizontal like that in Soldier mode or is the canopy supposed to be vertical? Which is anime accurate? I can't seem to remember. I bought two of these
  10. Yeah, mine was in PW for a long time because of the issue. HLJ even extended the PW ship date for me. I only shipped after they claimed that it was OK and that I was either getting a fixed copy OR getting the legs to install myself. I got neither. Anyway I sent them a pic and they are shipping me the replacement legs to install myself so I'm less miffed about it.
  11. Yeah I checked the legs and they are the same ankles instead of a righty and lefty.
  12. I shipped mine from HLJ warehouse after they sent an email saying that they got the corrected parts. I opened mine this weekend and I still got just the Valk with no corrected leg parts or even the replacement parts separately. I am beyond annoyed right now.
  13. xrentonx

    Macross figures

    I'm almost more excited that I can add a 1/12 scale acoustic guitar to my action figure collection.
  14. xrentonx

    Hi-Metal R

    I got 3 from HLJ, CDJ, and Amiami. Done for the night!
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