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  1. Nin-nin responded to my ticket about when my order would ship by sending me a $20 additional shipping charge. I had bought it on their first release round so got it at retail and also used some rewards points so I can't complain too much but this is a pretty shady move on their part.
  2. Good to hear! I just emailed them for an update since mine has been in preparation status for 3 weeks.
  3. Nope. They don't charge sales tax but their shipping cost makes buying from BBTS cheaper option even with the sales tax charged by BBTS.
  4. Ben's VF-1A just went up for pre-order. Same price as Max but limited to supposedly 98 pieces compared to the 198 for Max according to their Facebook post. Does that even make sense? BBTS is carrying Max so I assume they will have Ben as well. Shipping is ridiculous to the US as well. Ordering post via "Express Mail" for 7-14 days is $66 when shipping actually resumes. Individually shipping each piece is $34 so not much of a break buying more.
  5. Mine has been in "preparation in progress" for over a week. This is my 3rd order from them and they came through for me the last 2 times so I'm not too worried. Of course, if it's the same status on 2/1/22, I'm opening a PayPal claim.
  6. So I'm still waiting for my refund to PayPal NY told me to "expect some time in November". I just checked my order history and an order for some Robot Damashii Gundams, one of which was P-Bandai, just switched to pending back on November 11. The items were released back in 2020 so they're long gone unless you wanna pay the ebay mark up. Strange, right?
  7. I put a second order in too. Such a great deal not having to pay shipping or fight to buy it at midnight over multiple sites
  8. Up on toydojo.com with free shipping: https://toydojo.com/products/dx-chogokin-macross-vf-25-messiah-valkyrie-worldwide-anniversary-edition-macross-frontier Only question now is do I buy 2 so I can open 1?
  9. I actually just received my DX Armored Valkyrie set from NinNin today. Yes it took almost a month for them just to ship it but it was packed well. I don't think it's fair for them to be in the same category as NY yet.
  10. Woohoo! My combo set just shipped from NinNin. My faith in them has been restored and my stress level has dropped back to normal.
  11. So I opened a ticket with NinNin and they responded with a generic response about how they moved to a bigger warehouse. I guess I just passed the 180 days on PayPal cuz I can't count. I guess my credit card company is my next option? I'm still hoping they come through though since they were awesome with my Roy VF-1S.
  12. Great news! I eagerly await my shipping confirmation. They came through for me with Roy's VF-1S so I haven't given up on them yet.
  13. contact@nippon-yasan.com and no-reply@nippon-yasan.com. I send it around 6:30pm PST and others have said to send it starting around 5pm PST.
  14. So after almost a year of submitting tickets and even a random email, I ended sending an email a little after their opening time today and 30 minutes I get the following response. Is this for real? Guess I'll find out in a month or so...
  15. Can I ask which email you used to try and contact them? Someone in a FB listed a ton of emails to try and he said he actually had success at getting his after sending tons of emails.
  16. Guess nin-nin was sold out that round. Ended up getting one their next round with my voucher for about $301 with DHL
  17. nin-nin won't let me add to my cart and thinks I have it in my cart already but I have nothing at check out. strange
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