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  1. Can I ask which email you used to try and contact them? Someone in a FB listed a ton of emails to try and he said he actually had success at getting his after sending tons of emails.
  2. Guess nin-nin was sold out that round. Ended up getting one their next round with my voucher for about $301 with DHL
  3. nin-nin won't let me add to my cart and thinks I have it in my cart already but I have nothing at check out. strange
  4. Picked up the M&M set but considering cancelling my BBTS for the Stealth and then adding the CF and Rick VF-1J too. They look so good especially after seeing Anymoon's reviews.
  5. Got inspired and opened another live chat and my only response from them in 15 minutes was that they're "so sorry for the delay". Another 5 minutes later I got the "we to get this matter resolved for you right away" and they're sending my info to someone that can actually do something for me. Dare I get my hopes up?
  6. If NY actually shipped you something I would be ecstatic as I'm still waiting on $600 worth of stuff to ship.
  7. Wow that's a really nice response. Too bad the actual employees working there don't feel the same.
  8. Has anyone received any web exclusive Bandai stuff that was release last year? I'm still waiting on my DX Kakizaki and a couple Robot Spirits Gundams. At this point I've accepted that I'll never get the DX Strike Packs.
  9. Those are some great deals. No tax for Surethingtoys but major downside is paying up front. EE you just gotta pay tax and shipping unless u buy it when it's in stock. Edit:. Looks like Surethingtoys charges tax for California residents now
  10. The only problem with paying up front is when they can't deliver the product. I'm still waiting for my DX Kakizaki and couple Gundam Robot Spirits that I paid in full but still say pre-order for release in 2020...
  11. In addition to peace of mind I figure it's cheaper than buying on eBay at release since they charge me tax on the total sale.
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