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  1. The only problem with paying up front is when they can't deliver the product. I'm still waiting for my DX Kakizaki and couple Gundam Robot Spirits that I paid in full but still say pre-order for release in 2020...
  2. In addition to peace of mind I figure it's cheaper than buying on eBay at release since they charge me tax on the total sale.
  3. It doesn't appear to have been a live PO link 6 days ago. Page states they can email you when preorder is available.
  4. I have similar issues with every Transformers Kids Logic product I've ever purchased. Light and motorized parts often didn't work right out of the box but I loved the designs and had bought most of them on clearance or in Asia so I didn't even try to contact them for help. QC is definitely not one of their strengths.
  5. When did you send a ticket regarding these? Great news in general though. Gives me hope.
  6. Actually, HLJ keeps crashing on me right now. Got it in my cart and then crashed. Haha
  7. Nice! Good that some things are shipping. Aside from my DX Kakizaki and Strike Set, I'm still waiting on a response as to where my 0083 Robot Spirits figures are...
  8. I notice they're still removing negative comments. Naturally they haven't followed up with me after asking me for my ticket numbers but someone blasted them on my comment feed and now that comment is gone. Haha
  9. So I posted.on the Facebook page last night and just now they asked for my ticket numbers so they can look into them. Hopefully they respond again and with an actual specific answer.
  10. That's great news! I just noticed that they are actually starting to respond on their Facebook page to people asking for ticket responses. Unfortunately, they just ask for the ticket number and say someone will be in touch...I guess it's a start...
  11. My Live Chat today was more of nothing. "We'll forward your inquiry to main support so they can reach out to you". Something about phone support not being available at this time. I asked if the company is still operating and they confirmed it still is but "times have been tough recently". How so when they have all our money and aren't actively shipping items even when shipping is upgraded? Oh well time will tell...
  12. https://surethingtoys.com/products/bandai-tamashii-nations-metal-robot-spirits-zeta-gundam-zeta-gundam?_pos=32&_sid=1d4006ad2&_ss=r Zeta still available for pre-order from Surethingtoys. Gotta pay up front but I've had a good experience with them on multiple transactions during the pandemic.
  13. That kind of sounds like the time everything from them stopped based on all the complaints all over the internet. If they could just put a banner note at the top of their home page saying all shipments are on pause due to COVID, I don't think I would be as annoyed though I really just want my items to show that they're on hold for me...oh but, yay, I have 1100 yen credit to use by Halloween.
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