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  1. This showed up on ebay yesterday, It might be a mistake in listing as no way this monstrosity could be shipped to the US for $60 Lister does mention pickup only so might be one of those vanity or store pickup listings that are common on yahoo japan: Over-The-Counter Pick-Up Only Ashette Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Create
  2. >How much are these kits? IIRC like $150 USD? Super Dimension con is coming up, Anyone wanna be a liaison and see if we could get some "Limited Castings For Maniac Fan Convention" Yes, I know Megazone isn't part of the "Super Dimension"
  3. Ah yes! After looking in the feed this is the person that did the "one-coin" transforming Garland in colored resin. https://twitter.com/imizuhiroshi/status/1059220573413269504?s=20 If only if we could organize a group buy ~_^
  4. Yeah, that book is lacking alot. If really into Megazone bikes follow this person on twitter: @R_AREA2019 Lots of good fan made comics obsessing on the Megazone 23 bikes and all variations.
  5. Damn, sorry to hear that... Try Yahoo Japan Auctions or Amazon Japan, I just tried a quick search and found 119: https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/f512421342 Also maybe Hachette's mail order service through a proxy?
  6. I found this: https://www.hlj.com/space-battleship-yamato-2202-1-350-yamato-weekly-magazine-120-includes-andromeda-parts-hsjwym120 Not sure if there might be another that is not "discontinued"
  7. Well that's that!, I'd like to find another issue of 079 to fix up some of my loose or over guled AA guns. If anyone has an extra (079) I'm all ears
  8. It has become a great conversation piece, really cool thing to have plumbers and electricians saying: "Is that the Argo, Star Blazers?" Then I show them the gimmicks, Then tell the the price...
  9. Yep, got to for a lack of a better word "massage the wires" and let them flatten out. WIP, I have some issues in the back of the ship still working on that This ship is a OCD nighmare!
  10. I've seen generic binders before very similar that hold more at some of the Japanese stationary stores that used to be around here in LA. Been looking but found nothing similar online.
  11. Here are some pics to what i was referring to, I'm really reluctant to trim the chains so the anchors rest all the way up in position. I see the chain breaking or the motor blowing up when they randomly decide to stop at different heights. But if anyone found a solution, I'm all ears!
  12. Anyone been able to get their anchors to go up all the way like in the promo video? (screen cap below) I don't think I will ever be able to as my chains when they go up will randomly rest at different lengths. Afraid the chain will snap, such a bummer...
  13. Well, I've been messing around with mine after completion. It still has some major issues that I am willing to live with, but WOW The Bandai 1/350 can't even compare as far as accuracy and proportions. Still love the box art from the Bandai 1/350 though.
  14. Yeah, after buying 2 replacement issues looks like maybe something going wrong with that circuit with manufacturing. I've been playing with mine this weekend and I smell mass "Magic Smoke" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_smoke
  15. Heads up, the system board in issue 094 had a problem, so I had to order another. The side torpedo bays would run continuously in one direction and snapped the wire, My friend was able to use nylon for the snapped wire.
  16. Yeah, this thing is just too big! And living by a refinery and airport the dust and particle level in my apartment is significant. It's been years since I looked at custom display cases but looks like custom sizes are still way marked up. I've heard the reason is if a case has the slightest "tiny" defect or blemish the customer will demand it be redone, and totally loose the perspective of preserving the piece. Then you are out time & materials because of one tiny scratch. I've used lexan/acrylic before to build molds for resin casting and the assembly process really isn't that difficult. My next option is to reach out to someone local and mention that the case doesn't have to be "perfect"
  17. For those looking to create or order a display case here are the dimensions from the Hachette site: 44.5cm × 115cm x 36cm Might be able to cheat and save a little $ as theirs looks a little oversized. Once mine is finished I'll get some more accurate measurements. My friend suggested a screencap printed starfield background and that got me really psyched, lol! I'll let you guys know if I find anything reasonable. Who knows maybe we can do a small group buy. But might just end up using lucite/heat gun/3d printing.
  18. Wonder if they are reprinting 105 because of this issue missing a piece. I'll hold off a bit but just in case, I'll order through a proxy if no restock through HLJ in a week or two. Just checked Amazon JP and a few JP book stores and out of stock. lol, I don't see the display case on Hachette mail order but I do see the binders.
  19. 104 105 is still available per hacthette mail order... Hachette Yamato mail order Hobby Link Japan has still not fulfilled my preorder for 105. Panic time, LOL
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