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Countdown until the Shogakukun Macross Package Art Collection Book is released! 

The countdown has finished!

Hi-Metal R


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29 minutes ago, Sanity is Optional said:

If it does release, almost certainly going to be a web exclusive, just like the missile regults.


Ah, the good old days when you could leisurely ask a proxy to purchase it for you. Now it's another form of PO Madness, where you have to get to a proxy as quickly as possible, otherwise they run out of purchasing slots (thanks, Bandai!) and you're stuck waiting until after release and hoping you can get one on the secondary market for a somewhat reasonable price.

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6 hours ago, ScrambledValkyrie said:

Now that they've followed through on the VF-0S and VF-1S, let's hope that this is the next piece that Bandai finally delivers...



Release is imminent... I'm sure of it!...

However,  MacrossWorld is contractually obligated to post this video every time the HMR Tomahawk is mentioned.....


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4 hours ago, no3Ljm said:

Tamashii on the other hand says 22nd. Maybe HLJ will get their stock past the 22nd?


I'm guessing that HLJ is still using their "eh...sometime before the end of October" estimate because the actual release date was only just announced. AE still shows 31 Oct as well. I can't remember a time when HLJ and AE didn't start shipping valks on Bandai's release date. This could be the exception, or the new normal, but I hope not.

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15 hours ago, Convectuoso said:

Seems like the release date for the Phoenix is October 31st, according to HLJ



The official release is on the 22nd. HLJ may have approximated the release date and gave it till the end of the month just to be safe.:ph34r:

HI-METAL R VF-0S フェニックス(ロイ・フォッカー機) | 魂ウェブ (tamashiiweb.com)

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HLJ, and many other retailers, list the release date as the last day of the release month until they update the listing with the actual release day (which bandai usually announces at the start of the month an item ships).


They just haven't updated the listing yet, no big mystery.

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34 minutes ago, MKT said:

Another fantastic box art!

Though looking at the back, only 1/5 of the space is taken up by the actual toy itself. Wonder what fills the rest of it.. 

Have to wonder about this too, it doesn't have that many accessories, does it?  Maybe they packaged the stand in the main tray, instead of under it.

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8 minutes ago, Chronocidal said:

Have to wonder about this too, it doesn't have that many accessories, does it?  Maybe they packaged the stand in the main tray, instead of under it.

Bandai have been really efficient in making the packages as small as possible lately. The Chogokin VF-1D is one example. It'll be a bit of shame if they reverse course now. Perhaps it's their way to justify the unusually higher MSRP for this.. :p 

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1 hour ago, Chunky001 said:

Hard to tell with them standing in two different positions but if the VF-1 is 12.68m which is "spec" the VF-0S is only 13.3m where it should be 14m.  I'm not including the head lasers.

Do the ratios get better or worse when they're both standing straight up? Dunno.:unknw:

I used the Ataru's Facebook photo to upscale VF-0S to its correct height/scale against VF-1S based on its official Battroid height specs. VF-1 Battroid at 12.68 meters and VF-0S at 14 meters. I used those numbers to the top of the head and not to the head lasers. I know most members will say that they're not standing straight. Yes, they're not, but I tweaked the legs straight in Photoshop so I can measure it properly and created a guide to be able to use it on the leg sprayed pose. And this is what I came up with. What do you guys think? ;) 


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