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  1. My plush gunpod is the weirdest and most fun Macross item that I've ever purchased
  2. You and me both. One of the fun parts of living in New Mexico....
  3. Or, if Bandai truly wants to troll Macross collectors, they'll just include the 011 markings with the VF-1A and tell us to fend for ourselves on the secondary market. What I think is (hopefully) more likely is a reissue of the Super/Strike Parts set along with the 011 markings being included with a VF-1A release. Sure, that means you now have to compete for two POs, and possibly both are TWE items that require you to buy through a proxy, but at least it's...something. A combo set would be nice.
  4. It's unfortunately been that way since the Armored Parts set for it was announced in 2019. Bandai had been hinting that a PO for the set might happen soon, so I took a chance and bought a new 31S on Mandarake for about $250, thinking I would pair it with the armor. The PO was announced a few days later and the 31S price on the secondary market instantly shot up to about $450. The price for the DX VF-1J Hikaru was similarly high for a long time. It only started to come down when the GBP combo set was released. Why pay $450 for just the 1J when you could get it (with some improvements) and GBP armor for $150 less? If Bandai ever reissues the Kairos, still arguably the most highly-priced, recently-produced Macross toy on the secondary market, the value of the original release would likely come back down to a reasonable level.
  5. I'm VERY happy to see that you're working on Daedalus and Prometheus options for the arms. For me, the DRYL-only arms are the one truly disappointing thing about the Yamato and Arcadia releases. I'm a much bigger fan of SDFM compared to DYRL and have always wanted a high-quality TV version of the SDF-1.
  6. Another thing to consider is that the fan base for Macross is likely a lot smaller than for other franchises, like Gundam. Smaller fan base means smaller production runs, generally resulting in higher prices because the cost of design and manufacturing can't be spread out over the sale of a large number of units. I'm only guessing here, but Bandai probably makes at least an order of magnitude or two more Gundam units than Macross units every year. And Arcadia is a small operation that caters to fans, so higher prices come with the territory.
  7. Well...since it's a non-canon valk, I guess that's the best they can do....
  8. ...and that's why I ended up designing and building my own high resolution laser scanner. You know, for "scientific research" and whatnot.
  9. Anasazi37

    Hi-Metal R

    Red kite symbol should be on the left wing and pointing forward, so yes, they're on the wrong sides. Since all of the wings are detachable with HMR, it's an easy mistake to make.
  10. That is coming together so nicely. As a professional photogrammetrist, I can say with confidence that most camera modeling software is crap. If they'd actually get the math right, the distortion you're talking about shouldn't be an issue--especially if you're tying together a large number of overlapping images of the same object taken from different perspectives to build a 3D representation. With that said, if the top portions of the guns are the only problem areas, that's great news.
  11. I've given up on AJ for POs. For the past year I've consistently seen Macross items go from unavailable to third party sellers instantly. No chance at all to place an order at MSRP. I even tried using a VPN so it would look like I was shopping from inside Japan, thinking AJ was restricting item visibility by IP address. Same outcome. Maybe there are some scalpers with hyper-efficient bots targeting AJ now?
  12. I was thinking a bit more selfishly...you know, in case you decide to make your files available to folks with resin printers.... I completely understand about the smell. I've gone to great lengths to minimize it in my house. Created a tighter seal where the cover meets the base, run two charcoal filter air purifiers inside the enclosure during printing, run a larger purifier in the space I use to clean and cure parts. And still my wife occasionally complains about the smell. I don't blame her.
  13. Anasazi37

    Hi-Metal R

    We might see a Millia Q-Rau, but we don't even have a standard one yet. The Destroid Monster doesn't change into anything else. It just sits there, looking very impressive. Yamato and Bandai both produced transforming Koenig Monsters, but not at this scale (although the Bandai might be close). Once you start collecting HMR, it's really hard to stop. They are just the right size and price point. Even the harder-to-find ones generally aren't insanely expensive on the secondary market.
  14. Would you be open to making two versions of the antenna? A resin printer could likely handle the finer detail of the original, but I can definitely see why you'd need to beef it up a bit for PLA printing.
  15. I found Shuichi Miyawaki on FB and I'm pretty sure it's the right one because this is his cover photo: I started going down the rabbit hole of finding out when, exactly, he started organizing his stash and stopped at this post on his timeline from July 2015: https://www.facebook.com/shuichi.miyawaki.73/posts/pfbid08oEj92XsM9A25o5L1EcE4dSbv8rUCHGBUS4mH8zfCNLpjX1Ttte2xCQeeRrrxRm4l That means the original stuff must be even earlier. I could probably spend all day on this, but have to get back to other projects.
  16. I've been trying to find out, as these images apparently make the rounds on social media somewhat regularly in various hobby groups when people start talking about how large their kit stashes are. I think I finally found the source this morning, or at least a pointer to it: https://www.sohu.com/a/138290242_735772 Google translation of the original Chinese:
  17. I found another picture of that pile taken from a different angle. There are EVEN MORE kits around the perimeter of the room.
  18. For super-sized projects like this one, I highly recommend the Bambu Lab P1P. High accuracy, insanely fast. It's the only way that I'm able to print large, detailed starship model parts in a reasonable amount of time. https://bambulab.com/en/p1
  19. Yeah, you normally don't see differences that large if the printers are running at roughly the same specs. And I *love* that you mention your printers in the plural form in both office and home settings.
  20. Now THIS is what I'm talking about. Very glad to see this. I was getting depressed after the "Genius" VF-0S was announced earlier this week. Didn't think we'd see something canon until maybe next year since lately Bandai seems to be either inventing terrible paint schemes or completely ruining good ones that already exist (I'm looking at you, DX Angel Birds).
  21. Based on what I'm seeing in that picture, in terms of how the parts were oriented for printing, my best guess is that it comes down to differences in how the gcode for the sliced models was generated by the slicing program and interpreted by the two printers, plus differences in the hardware and programming for those printers.
  22. Anasazi37

    Hi-Metal R

    Indeed, we have ways....
  23. That seems to be what makes this offering unique. Apart from the non-canon color scheme, of course.
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