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What are your favorite VFs/YFs/VBs/RVFs?


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I think there's a thread on this topic already. But then again I think it was about which line of VFs is your favourite, not which specific unit.

For me I love the VF-1J, it's so much better than the other VF-1 heads imo. It reminds of Iron Man's mask how it has a permanent scowl lol. So Hikaru's VF-1J along with Max's. Then Isamu's YF-19, the Emerald Force VF-19F and the VF-19ACTIVE Nothung, Chelsea Scarlett variant (not that there were other versions). Third is probably Millia's VF-9

Edit: actually I think I prefer the blue Super Nova scheme for the YF-19

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For me, the Top 3 are as follows--

1. VF-1 Valkyrie

This guy just screams "I'm the X-Wing of Macross," to me in all it's forms. I particularly like the Strike Valkyrie, because if you're gonna kill, kill with missiles, machine guns, beam cannons and beam guns... all at once.

2. YF-21/VF-22 Sturmvogel II

This sexiness... mm-mm, that's some good stuff man. It's just too bad the Sturmvogel didn't show up until the end of M7. :(

3. VF-4 Lightning III

I just like the way this one looks. It's almost like a cooler Y-Wing. :D

Honorable mentions: VF-14 Vampire.

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Only one specific fighter? That would be VF-1S Strike Focker. Easy.

I consider it the best variant of the most iconic Valk of them all...VF-1S Focker/Hikaru from the TV series. Notice I didn't say the 1J. Reason being that I feel the passing on of this particular fighter from Focker to Hikaru is one of the defining moments of all of Macross for me. It just feels sentimental and Hikaru spends the rest of the series flying Focker's plane. Love it!

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The VF-1S. Probably the most iconic transforming jet. When I first watched the opening of Macross (Robotech) on TV, I didn't know anything about it and seeing a plane transform into a robot was and still is one of the coolest things ever. I'm not sure if I prefer Hikaru or Max colors from DYRL. Usually I lean towards Max since he kicks ass. I like the more human design of the "S" head.

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All time favorite is a tie between the VF-4 and VF-14. Also special mention to the VA-3, which is a VA not a VF, but I love as much as the other two.

The VF-1 in most of it's variants are totally played out IMO.

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My top three are:

1.- YF-19

This one set a new standard for transforming jets IMO. The design is so iconic that Kawamori decided not to use it in Macross Frontier because it would just take to much attention and overshadow the 25s.

2.- YF-21/22

As Banshee said, it's just sexy.

3.- VF-1

Don't have a particular variant. I'll stick with the J because of Max and Millia red&blur scheme, but I like the A head more, it looks much more robot-like.

I do have a place in my heart for the vf-25 though

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Far and away, the FZ-109A. I'll take mine in pearlized white with scavenged F-type shoulder lasers, please. VF-4 next, then VF-9 'cause it's just so funky, SV-51y NR for same, VF-0D 'cause its got the charm of the VF-1 with 21st century design, and... hmm, tossup between Neo Glaug and VB-6 for sixth slot. Yeah, I likes me the oddball rides, call me wierd if you must. YF/VF-19 gets honorable mention, when it appeared it blew the other three then-fully-animated designs away, but there's better since.

Edit 2012-09-07: After de-magicing the AZ-130 (shown in this thread http://www.macrosswo...showtopic=37419 ) , I've decided I actually like it as much as the 109A... the arrowhead nose on the earlier model is cooler looking, but the 130 makes up for it in sheer nastiness index, and its tall shoulder lasers are in a more visually interesting configuration than the 109F's, while replaing the short awkward looking 2/3 barrel laser and plasma cannon (that never get shown being used) on the 109 types' chest with dual, lower profile three-lens laser clusters (erroneously shown launching missiles in the only shot of them being used I've yet found... or MAYBE it can bend and wiggle those laser cluster beams like the main guns on Varauta ships, or like the HA-5 fullarmor varient of my Skate 3d design does, based on recovered Varauta/Supervision Army tech... the 130 has a similar buly chest to how the Harlequin "Beamhell" armor ended up, too...)


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What are your favorite VFs?


* VF-1J Hikaru TV

* VF-1S Focker TV/DYRL (not sure the differences)

* YF-19 "DOUBLE NUTS" variant

* VF-11C

* VF-19S

* VF-2JA

* VF-2SS

* YF-21

* VF-5000 "Star Mirage"

* VF-4G

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YF-21 Because of his BDI/BDS System.

VF-1J For its versatility in battle. And for their durability.

VF-22S "Gamlin" Because Gamlin is the Man! Because he knew losing the woman he loves in stride

(I know how you feel buddy, I've lost someone I love to another ...)

SDP-1 Stampede Valkyrie Because he have heavy guns!

SW-XAII Schneegans honorable mention

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1. VF-0S - Technologically the oldest, but I love the more robust design, while still maintaining the classic look of the VF-1 that would be its successor.

2. VF-1J - What can I say? It's the single most iconic Valk in Macross history. Lost to the VF-0 only by a slight margin.

3. YF-21 - Love the melding of Zentran tech with human designs.

4. YF-19 - Along with the YF-21, VF-171 and VF-4G, its one of those designs that really stood out among the more traditional Valks in terms of transformation.

5. VF-2SS Gamlin - Couldn't care less about M7, but Gamlin's ride looks awesome in those dark colors

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My favourite is the VF-4 Lightning III, hands down. Still stoked about getting the toy, just wish I could have gotten two (or three). The timing was terrible.

Other than that, I'd have to say it's a toss-up between the VF-1S Strike, or the VF-0. If there was a VF-0 with Strike packs it would break that tie, but there's not.

Beyond that, hard to say. I do like the VA-3 for being unique. The VF-14 is awesome. I don't think there's a canon VF design I don't like.

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1. VF-1S - It's so iconic and in my book the most memorable mecha ever.

2. SV 51 (Ivanov one) - There's something about it's strange angular design that just really appeals to me. In black it just screams 'here comes the bad guy'.

3. VF-17 - Like the stealth look and the F-117 influence.

4. YF-19 - Isamu's ride.

5. VF-4 LIghtning - It's just a beautiful unique design-

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That's what happens when I get bored with an AZ-130A screenshot. If you're not familiar with them, they're the mook villain unit from ep30 on of Macross 7, though gerwalk only appears for a couple of seconds far away in ep37. They're usually purple, and the limbs more bulky due to anime magic. Look at the thread for it in this forum for comparison pictures.

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I was never that impressed with the VF-11 until I got the Yamato version. Somehow it was much more interesting in person... then the hip joint broke, and I went right back to being unimpressed. It makes a good ground unit with the heavy armor with the inner mecha as a fast, nimble escape pod, but sortieing in one clean or with just super packs against any major threat means you're about to be caught dead in a redshirt unit. Granted my own picks of FZ-109A or AZ-130 aren't that much better...

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If I have to choose, VF-11. Easy. If we have to be specific, Isamu's for sure.

I think the VF-1 should not be an option, as by default - everyone loves it!

As a sub category... The VF-1D will always top the list - the first mecha I fell in love with - the magic moment when it transformed for the first time... Oh billy.

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