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  1. Yea I’ve been trying to find a 1S for a while so this is fine with me if it’s a full reissue
  2. I've never been a fan of the YF-29 design but God help me I kinda want Max's
  3. Definitely did not see this coming! You spelled VF-9 wrong 😋
  4. Hi everyone. Wondering if anyone in this thread might have a spare Arcadia Macross Zero adapter that they'd be willing to sell to me? Recently purchased a VF-0D but had no idea the connectors for the Zero valks were different.
  5. Digging the 31AXs, especially the name Kairos Plus. Might try to get Arad's, but the armored is tempting too. Not a big fan of the modern armored valks but digging those colours. How stable was the Arad armored DX?
  6. Have we already talked about how this new custom has the boosters mounted in a different configuration (similar to how they mount the Lil' Drakens)?
  7. Ohhhh right my bad, I forgot the most recent version (which is the one I have) was by Arcadia and not Yamato.
  8. Looking good. Already have the Yamato but I would be seriously tempted by this if they improved the rigidity of the wing rotation mechanism. Umm, you sure about this? Seems unlikely.
  9. So I just got a VF-0D and was getting ready to display it when I realized the display stand adapter connection is completely different from all my other Yamato/Arcadia valkyries (it's my first Macross Zero valk), I also see that YetiStand products are no longer being sold. Any suggestions for alternative display stands that would work for the VF-0D and are actually available?
  10. This has bothered me for years but does anyone have any insight as to why modern VF-1 toys position the pilot so far forward in the cockpit?
  11. I just wish they managed to properly capture the curves of the nose and cockpit. It looks so much better in the animation
  12. Classic Bandai!
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