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  1. Think he’s gonna make Devil’s Tower out of mashed potatoes?
  2. Woo dang. I really like how gray this series is. I totally get where Karly is coming from, she’s a good sympathetic adversary, much in the way Killmonger and IW Thanos were. I was watching the first Captain America with my kids last week, and a line by Red Skull hit me: “I’ve seen the future, Captain. It’s a world without flags or borders.” Wife & I went to Prague before COVID, and it’s also been fun picking out places we’d been. It’s like the European Toronto, standing in for various European countries. There’s a really good Chlebicky place not far from where Walker & Lamar had their talk this week.
  3. Yup, keep Brian Cranston as Isamu. Otoh if Funimation dubs Frontier, I’m betting they cast Matt Mercer as Ozma.
  4. Climate change, COVID, a lot of dormant volcanoes suddenly erupting, now this... I’m beginning to feel concerned.
  5. Yeah I saw that on FB. It doesn’t matter what angle the photos are, my brain can’t process that as a 3d object.
  6. With the P-Bandai Mk-V coming out soon, I feel like the Silver Bullet & Doven Wolf can’t be far behind. Maybe P-Bandai all the way, though.
  7. Ok, the semi-realistic bunny head is pretty creepy. Otoh, that’s a pretty good body for custom work...
  8. Wasn’t there talk of them doing the VF-31?
  9. I wish the whole place was for me! It’s also a family room (left), lego & game area (table), and a shared hobby & 3d printing space for the wife & I (cabinet/workbench). But it will have several display cabinets for my models & toys, once IKEA has stock again. it’s about 500 sq ft, so it’ll be cozy; but a great place to hang out with friends after quarantine and to do fun stuff.
  10. Does redoing the entire space that my workbench lives in count?
  11. Except for the fact that the RE/100 Mk-III is looking kinda rare lately. Hopefully they’ll repop that sometime soon.
  12. Yeah, I’ve got to get Bo Katan! Already have a shore trooper, and I always thought the DT looked awkwardly lanky.
  13. Well now I can’t wait for a 6” a Black Series version of someone in this week’s episode of the Mandalorian...
  14. The kids and I lost our crap as soon as we saw the Night Owl helmet. My wife knew she was obviously missing something. Since I hadn’t seen anything about casting, so I was excited to see Katee take the helmet off. Although, shouldn’t she look a little older?
  15. I figured those were Bandai. I’m surprised they went to those chapters, instead of Blood Angels.
  16. Not gonna lie, a 1/144 Glomar is on my printing wish list. Those Ishkicks look awesome!
  17. Holy crap, that went fast. I considered getting a second stormbringer if it came to the US site.
  18. I mean, I’ll still preorder through Side Seven Exports; but I know I’d save on shipping from the official site. But I wonder - what’s the point of launching PB Gunpla for the US, if you’re not actually going to make the PN available on the US site?
  19. I’ve been hoping for them to put the Turbulence & Pale Riders on the US site, but sill nothing...
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