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  1. Yeah, with Williams and Natalie Holt doing the score, it’s shocking how lame the music was. I really hope that we see more SW like Andor in the future, and that it’s not a fluke.
  2. Just saw the news, while wearing this shirt! It’s a Thursday, but I’m thinking it might be worth taking the kids. My son & I LOVE this movie.
  3. Nausicaa looks great! I’m not sure why her Mehve has a Gundam Unicorn Destroy Mode, though…
  4. I still think “Brief-25” on Frontier Episode 1 was the best mis-translation.
  5. Right? Let’s ALL gather up in one tight spot behind this speeder… Oh, and let’s continue shooting at the things that aren’t affected by being shot.
  6. In addition to the weird music mix, it seemed like the footsteps were all REALLY loud. On another note, while I like some of the pacing changes, I really do prefer the OVA. For one thing, the CG was ground breaking for it’s time, but has not aged well. And Wanna Be An Angel just doesn’t hit as well for me as the full use of Information High. I do hope there’s a chance of Fathom showing the Frontier or Delta movies after this.
  7. Happy I didn’t bring anyone new to see this. Our theater didn’t start on time, took several of us to complain. Finally got started 1/2 hour late, then cut off automatically right after the Ghost dogfight. Theater staff had all gone home by then. We’ll see what the refund policy is. 😠
  8. Yeah, Robinson’s a little far for me to drive on a weeknight.
  9. Alright, which two of you am I going to see at the theater in Erie, PA?
  10. Think he’s gonna make Devil’s Tower out of mashed potatoes?
  11. Woo dang. I really like how gray this series is. I totally get where Karly is coming from, she’s a good sympathetic adversary, much in the way Killmonger and IW Thanos were. I was watching the first Captain America with my kids last week, and a line by Red Skull hit me: “I’ve seen the future, Captain. It’s a world without flags or borders.” Wife & I went to Prague before COVID, and it’s also been fun picking out places we’d been. It’s like the European Toronto, standing in for various European countries. There’s a really good Chlebicky place not far from where Walker & Lamar had their talk this week.
  12. Yup, keep Brian Cranston as Isamu. Otoh if Funimation dubs Frontier, I’m betting they cast Matt Mercer as Ozma.
  13. Climate change, COVID, a lot of dormant volcanoes suddenly erupting, now this... I’m beginning to feel concerned.
  14. Yeah I saw that on FB. It doesn’t matter what angle the photos are, my brain can’t process that as a 3d object.
  15. With the P-Bandai Mk-V coming out soon, I feel like the Silver Bullet & Doven Wolf can’t be far behind. Maybe P-Bandai all the way, though.
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