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  1. Just curious to know if you sanded off the "Belvedere" badging, and did you happen to pick up the PE parts for the grill and FURY badging? Looks good!
  2. Since we're showcasing movies at the moment, here's a little project month's in the making, inspired by Mad Max Fury Road. I call it "Valhalla Express" with "HEMI" the War Boy. Fully plumbed and wired, silver can of spray paint, two flares, missing lugs and bolts, Immortan Joe emblem headliner, and real OZ dirt from Mundi Mundi lookout, etc. Every detail has it's own story. At least 300+ parts. Started out with a '32 Ford 5-window, '66 Buick Riviera, '70 Torino, "S'cool Bus", 1:35 military stuff, Modified dirt sprint car, and the list continues. Sorry for the bad pics...taken with an old phone.
  3. Thanks for the info Jefuemon...sorry to hear it. Great modeler.
  4. Disappointment... After all this time waiting for a tv version, my 1/5000 and even the 1/20000 looks spot-on in comparison. I couldn't find one single large part that won't need rework. There's also not enough correct gun turrets, so some recasting will be necessary for those. Most of the other flaws have been mentioned. It's going to take a lot of work/rework... Bought 6. Selling 4. Is the 1/3000 resin kit still available for pre-order, or still casting, that people are mentioning, made by Cap?
  5. Any word on the extra bits and decals? Cheers.
  6. Was Hikaru's VF-1J ever released? The only "J's" I've seen, are Max and Milia's... See if I've got this straight: 01: A/S-Hikaru 02: Strike Parts 03: S-Skull One 04: Super Parts Max/Milia: Online only Right??? No seperate release or decals for Fodder A's, just DYRL schemes?
  7. Picked mine up yesterday. As soon as I got home, the box was opened and parts were laid out on the coffee table. BIG! It took a little bit to figure out were everything goes (guess I didn't know the design as well as I thought). It even includes "eye" pieces. The wife walked in to see me on the floor with models, toys, and the Perfect Memory book spread about, trying to put everything in the "exploded view." She then asked; "WHERE are you going to put that?!" I replied; "Not in the closet." She rolled her eyes. Two questions though: Where do the three, flat, angled, "forked" pieces go? Are they the hinges on the rear hatches for the howitzers? Were the range finders/sensors on the front of the arms and on the sides of the main hull part of the kit, or do those need to be scratch-built? (Items #54 in the 1/200 Bandai kit) Impressed as usual. Thanks for all of your effort.
  8. Mike, I could draw something up for you if you'd like. It would be an honor to do something in return for all of your hard work. Lemme know. (Edit:) Would you want something in anime style, or "real-type?" I can do either. 8"x10" color, then scaled to decal level?
  9. BESTINE is a band-name "thinner" for reducing rubber cement. We use it all the time to get tape, hot melt glue residue and pricetag goo off of items. Might be worth a shot. Cans are about $9.ooUS at places like Michaels, Hobby Lobby and art supply stores.
  10. Had an epiphany regarding some sort of WWII-style nose art for this...Monster. Poisonous spiders! It would be a perfect homage to Mr Mike. Something like: "Ms. Arachnia" or "The Black Widow" etc. Some Petty or Vargas pin-up girl in a black dress or lingerie with accoutrements like little red hourglass bows on her black stockings, or a big red bow on the back of her black dress. Any thoughts? "Frank's Pet" or "Frankenstein" just doesn't seem as cool...big, green, HWR Monster...
  11. I'm still in for one... maybe two, depending on price. Let me know please.
  12. "Do you know what this means?! It means", I'm going to have to allocate another couple of storage bins to store this...thing...this...MONSTER in! I already have two stuffed and labeled "The Salzo Collection", which has the 1:48 Glaug, 1:48 Regult, 1:24 Valk, 1:55 VF-1D Conversion. Can't wait to see it in me little grubby hands. What's next, Mike? Glad you're doing better, mate.
  13. PM sent... One kit in one BIIIG box. Thanks.
  14. PM sent. One kit in one big box. Thanks.
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