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On 12/13/2018 at 3:05 PM, Scyla said:

Next Figma Overwatch release Pharah:



I assume the next one will be probably McCree, Hanzo or Soldier 76.

I might get Western girl as a figma. But I'm hoping for a statue as well.

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No rest for weary wallets, though...Here’s the link to the wonderful hobby life 4 you page. There are quite a few MF figmas on the list, but no updates on Freeing’s Priss with Motoslave:



Finally, Batou.


Darkness... We'll have a complete KonoSuba team!




and Arthur Pendragon are all on my short list...


Oops...Sorry, late night. Fixed my post.

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fixed link and context
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On 2/10/2019 at 10:58 PM, Sanity is Optional said:

Any updates on this from WonFes?

I was looking for Priss too. They are really slow on Figma releases from announcement, to concept, to prototype, to painted version, to release. Or at least they are to me since this is the first time I've wanted a Figma figure.

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50 minutes ago, Mommar said:

Outside of their re-issued Pit figure they don’t really make things from properties I’m interested in anymore.

I’m confused that they don’t churn out more Zelda and Metroid variants. 

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3 hours ago, technoblue said:

Someone is clearly having fun with the figma art marketing photos.

Yeah, throwing the Thinker in there cracked me up, honestly. :lol:   This one isn't something I'd pick up, but I actually kind of love the fact that they're doing these sort of weird art-inspired takes. I'd actually love to get the stand separately, just to have something different than the usual clear plastic bases.

I loved being able to get the Thinker, it just works so well on my desk, and being able to change the pose and do absurd things with it makes it worth ever so much more than a static knick-knack.

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Wish they'd come through with Priss and her Motoslave.  Of the Yamato BBC releases, I only have Linna, whose limbs fall off if you sneeze across the room.  Their Motoslave isn't the sturdiest or most stable thing, either.  I'd love to see what Figma can do with it.  

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1 hour ago, F-ZeroOne said:

I am still trying to figure out exactly what reference they used on that figma Venus to model the... erm... opposite side from...

Simple, they just politely requested the Uffizi Gallery to turn the painting around long enough to take a quick pic.

You're welcome.

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