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  1. Looking at Aliexpress I'm seeing the KO of the VF-117 missile set much to my surprise, but nothing for the YF-19 and its pylons sadly.
  2. So just to check, having come from the DX Chogokin YF-19 thread, is there anyone with a Shapeways listing for DX Chogokin YF-19 missile pylons? I got my YF-19 today and want to share the arsenal love around my other compatible DX Chogokins (VF-31A, YF-29, Draken III, with other VF-31s to come) and was trying to find more of the pylons themselves since it only comes with 6 plus the 2 reaction missile racks. In specific these parts, the ones that physically attach to the wing and the missiles or missile racks plug into: Checking Xigfrid's shop showed pylons like that but designed to interface with his missiles as opposed to for interfacing with the existing missiles.
  3. Yeah, I know they can fit to both. Just a matter of having enough to go around and be a little ordinance fairy. I'll pop in over there and check.
  4. Yeah, I knew from Jenius's reviews that the hardpoints work. Just a lot more missiles than hardpoints, so I was hoping to find hardpoint pylons that fit the YF-19's weapons, just the part that clips/pegs onto the wing and a missile or rack attaches to, to use more of the weapons across more aircraft rather than the 6 it comes with (and the dedicated reaction missile racks, I guess). I'd actually remembered Xigfrid's shop from before but it looks like he only has hardpoint pylons to fit his specific printed missiles, not generic ones as it were. Unless I've managed to miss something in looking around, which I'll admit could be the case. Uh, I guess to be more clear, these lil' guys in specific:
  5. So is there a source of extra hardpoints to share the love from the YF-19's arsenal with my DX 31A, YF-29, and Draken III? Not finding anything on Shapeways so far.
  6. Disney out of their damn mind if they think I'm going out into plagueworld to sit in a movie theater for, like, 2 hours for Shang-Chi.
  7. A movie company has a hard AI and uses it to make movie pitches until it goes into a rage and tries to take over the world because of how stupid and unappreciative people are. And that's the part of the movie that seems the most grounded.
  8. So did anyone else actually watch this and feel it was some sort of bizarre fever dream? To say nothing of LeBron Janes spending most of the movie being a complete, raging a-hole to everyone, including their own family, but we're clearly supposed to root for them as a main character?
  9. The show is perfectly fine and clearly loves its history given all the highly specific, frequently deep and esoteric references it makes. Maybe it helps if you don't take Trek too seriously and consider it some sort of sacred cow you're not allowed to make fun of? Can't wait for season 2 of this, honestly.
  10. That would depend on the country, surely. In the US my Mandarake order went Japan Post to USPS via NYC's customs entry point.
  11. I got an item out of Japan via Mandarake using EMS just fine? Didn't take very long at all.
  12. There's nothing stopping you from making Robocop today other than the fact that most of its identity, settling, jokes, etc are all very firmly rooted in '80s culture. The fears of a Japanese take over of American companies, the corporate culture and rampant consumption of consumer culture, etc. The remake was better for not trying to be a 1:1 recreation and instead trying to speak to similar issues in modern society. If anything the co-ed locker/shower scenes wouldn't be in the movie just because that was itself another of those '80s movie things that just doesn't really happen much anymore. Nothing about whatever goofy culture war thing you're trying to imply it is.
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