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  1. That's definitely one of the other goofy lines. I think it's Cherno Alpha where they brag about how it's pure steel, no alloys at all involved in its construction. You really can't take any specifics of what it tells you too seriously. Plus the Hong Kong Shatterdome alone was said to be capable of handling 30 Jaegers all on its lonesome at peak across 6 bays, so I really doubt they maxed out at 30 active total across the entire Pacific.
  2. I really wouldn't put too much thought into the numbers involved in a series about giant robots where one of the giant robots is introduced by bragging about how it doesn't use any alloys in its construction. Just go off what it shows.
  3. Keep in mind Jaegers were mass produced in large quantities for years upon years. Pacific Rim 1 had 4 remaining in operation, and more were clearly in operation for Uprising including the Drone ones and they clearly were operating more than just the one Shatterdome in Uprising given you see the attacks on the other domes in it. Australia likely had operations to try and get it under control for a while before they gave up and abandoned the continent, and with that base just outside their territory it's not hard to suspect they'd send in Jaegers occasionally.
  4. I actually bought a set a while back explicitly for that purpose. The fit is a bit snug but they definitely do work.
  5. It's honestly kind of surprising there's been no efforts at an ExoSquad revival.
  6. Admittedly, I don't consider someone willingly refusing to do common sense, easy, safe things during a pandemic to avoid being infected and/or infecting others and dying for it to be all that sad either. I ran out of empathy for that sort of person sometime last year.
  7. Turns out it was that he wouldn't get vaccinated. Oops.
  8. That's my sentiment. HLJ prices mean DHL is cheaper and half the advertised speed, let alone real speed. I'd started using them just before Covid hit and kept using them right through it. Absolutely amazing customer service whenever I've had questions or issues, too.
  9. Her TERF nonsense sure ain't "common sense" broham, but that clown world comment tells me all I need to know on that front.
  10. It's interesting. Weird, but interesting. I appreciated the world building and was amused by not-quite-referencing the MMO plotline but not specifically overwriting it either. I'm still not ENTIRELY sure what to think of it, I'll probably have to watch it again to be certain. But it's interesting.
  11. Operation Wingman is an indie game loveletter to Ace Combat that has been on PC for a while and recently got ported to Xbox. Not a terribly high budget creation, but as I understand they did a very good job within the limits of what they could do.
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