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Build Up Of She Vf-4g


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First of all, I would like to thank Valk009 for finding me the Studio Half Eye VF-4.

The following pictures (1-30) are steps which I took in building the kit. Numbers and descriptions were inserted in the pictures. Please keep in mind that this is the first time that I have ever build a resin kit, so please excuse my skills... Ha Ha Ha

The kit was very time consuming to build, but in the end, it is all worth it when it is completed. I can now play with it like a toy, and can transform it faster than the 1/72 yamato toys. I am very satisfy with the kit.

































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Two thumbs up vf_1s :p

Did not know you had to go through so much to deliver this beautiful kit. Thanks for sharing the build up and pics!

I believe not many people have seen a completed SHE VF-4 kit, this is my first ;)

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Thanks for the complement guys!

Yes, the kit was very loose in the beginning. Basically, the kit was held together in each mode by tension of the screws. This is where the problem lies with resin cast pieces; because they are solid, so they are too heavy for little screws to hold on tight. Also the screws tend to loose its threads after a few transformation. This is why you need to put in locks and washers. But the thing I like about resin is that it is more solid than a model, so it actually feels more like a toy than a model after the modification. All in all, I think it is worth it, because this is something that I wanted for a long time.

Valk 009:

As requested, I have put up another thread of my 1/48 Vf-1S (with extendable leading and trailing edge) in the toy forum. Please check it out.

Ha Ha




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The kit was not hard to put together, just time consuming, if you wanted to make it "playable". Painting is time consuming for me too, trying to paint on a resin kit and hope that it won't scratch during transformation is nearly impossible. For me, I have to put alot of spacers between the parts to sperate them to avoid scratching.

Posibility of the kit is not bad, considering that there is so much limitations in movement due to the design of the battriod mode. I would say that it is better then that of the old yamato Yf-19, and about the same as that of the Vf-11b.

I will try to post some pics of the battriod in kneeing position later when I have time.

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I can't believe I miss this thread.

Awesome job, Vf_1S. I have never seen a complete SHE VF-4 Kit before so thank you. You did an excellent job on the kit. I like the improvements you made on it.

Can you pose some pics in Gerwalk mode as well?

From your pic comparison to VF-11B Fast Pack, it does look like a 1/72 scale. If the scale is 1/72, it's hard to imagine that VF-4 is shorter than VF-11B.

Yamato: Please crease VF-4 Toys. I will buy lots of it :lol:

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I might pin this for a little while, so everyone can see it--a lot of MW'ers just kind of bypass the model section---but they're really missing out, as VF-4's are so rare.

Vf_1S---is there any chance you could scan the transformation steps from the instructions? While MW does have them all scanned here: http://www.macrossworld.com/macross/models/she/she_vf4.htm they are quite small. Larger versions would be nice.

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HOLY CRAP!!! Damn I always wanted to see this kit built right. That is uber nice! Can we get a swag gallery of it in Fghter,Gerwalk,and Battroid mode all in different angles?

Damn. I want that. Not the kit but that nice fully built one! Nice work!

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Oh man, I missed this before! Holy crap that is an awesome modified kit! :o Two thumbs up! :D

I had always wondered how this kit transformed, but I had never seen any walkthroughs before. Just the kit posed in fighter or battroid. Thank you for the pics!

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