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  1. The VF-11C is my favorite valkyrie toy yet. I could have done without the pink head-stripe, but that's the fault of Macross 7 and not Yamato. I own the old 1/72 VF-11B from Yamato, and how they updated the VF-11 design just blew me away. The way they got around having to do shoulder bars, the arm/shoulder reinforcement for gerwalk/battroid, and how tightly fitting everything is nothing short of awesome. Hell, they even got the internal heatshield working in a method similar to what I had suggested in an ancient thread, where most people argued there was no room for a heatshield and cockpit. Hah! If you love the VF-11 design, pick one up. This is also the first valkyrie I've owned where it can hold the gunpod out in front of it and maintain that pose. Nice stiff joints! I was also pleasantly surprised it didn't come in a ginormous box with lots of wasted space. I normally don't care about super parts, but find that these ones give it character, and don't make you scared of breaking stuff off (*cough-cough* 1/48 VF-1 backpack hinge *cough-cough*).
  2. Very interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing a prototype of this thing to see how it looks versus the CAD art. I remember everyone complaining about the YF-19 CAD art, and then the "oohs" and "aahs" when we finally saw a prototype. While I'm not a fan of the Fire Valkyrie, I look forward to seeing the results of this, and better yet... The VF-17!
  3. All I have to say about the Sheryl NA version is: If you're going to make it cast off... Why the hell would you censor her nipples? It goes against the whole idea of cast off.
  4. My main problems with TS was the depiction of the future compared to what we saw in the first movie and T2 (and to some extent T3 I think?). In the first two movies, the landscape was a bleak burned out ruin filled with crap. In TS the skyscrapers of Los Angeles are still standing, and nothing looks like it suffered the effects of a nuke. Everyone looked too healthy, too clean, and well fed. Everyone's teeth were pearl white. How the hell did the resistance have an entire air-base stocked with transport helicopters, A-10s, and all that kind of stuff that Skynet didn't go after? While some of the fights "looked cool", they didn't make sense. Why throw John Connor across the room when you could punch into his body and crush some nice meaty organs? Why let your prototype infiltration Terminator rip out the remote control receiver? How the hell did the harvester sneak up on the gas station? It's not like it's stealthy and quiet. Same goes for the aerial HK. I liked Christain Bale as John Connor, despite the constant Batman voice. Anton Yelchin impressed me in pulling off a young Kyle Reese. I liked the T-600s, though I wish they showed more of that fake rubber appearance talked about in the first movie. TS was a step up from T3. But fell woefully short of the first two. Thumbs up for not doing YET ANOTHER present day Terminator film, and taking it into the future war.
  5. I like perfect transformation. No extra pieces to keep track of or lose. I don't mind perfect transformation with the option of switching out parts to make it look better in different modes. A little cheating here and there is okay if it's done in a decent manner. Translation: please be to transmogrification glorious lose not to track of keeping pieces in the mouth minding of transmogrification glorious optional throwing up pieces to make the variations palatable tiny game-genie agrees suitable way
  6. Glad I didn't jump on the VF-11B either. The nice white and black really evoke the DYRL schemes. I could do without the pink stripe on the head, but whatever. Can I get a "HELL YEAH!" on a Full Armor release for this baby?
  7. After my first choice of VF-17 (for likely to be released due to repaints), my second choice would definitely be the VF-4. Truth to be told I want a VF-4 more than a VF-17, but the 17 seems more feasible now that Yamato has more to choose from. Though one that wasn't brought up that I'd like to see sometime is the VF-5000, unless M7 Dynamite doesn't fall into the license. But considering that Graham put VF-19P in the poll, I guess it does fall into the license. Only one repaint for the VF-5000 though, if the VFX2 license counts (and if it counts the special edition version/NA demo). Unless Yamato can also do M3 valkyries and schemes.
  8. Wow, the Megahouse Sheryl figure is even better in person than I had expected. And it's great to have the option of not putting those suspenders on her.
  9. While the VF-4 would be awesome, I'll be a bit more realistic on something that will probably sell in Japan as well as internationally. VF-17. Hopefully a VF-17D, as I hate the VF-17S head. Of course it would need the beam cannon adapter for those one-shot kills. I'm not fond of the M7 variant VF-19s. The F and S have nasty fatty wings, and the lack of canards looks funny. I like the general look of the P, though the color scheme is a bit lacking. Then there's the kai... At least it doesn't have boobs. The VF-0D would be awesome, but the Zero line leaves me with a feeling of distaste after the crumbly shoulders and elbows issue. I don't like the Macross II valkyries.
  10. Kind of like the difference between the YF-19/VF-19A and the VF-19F/S/kai/P. Similar look, different beasts to transform. Which makes me wonder if any 19 variants will be released...
  11. Sumdumgai


    Nice mancave! That folding chair looks familiar... I love and hate Yamato valkyries for what they are. Great looking toys that are, for the most part, well engineered. They've been looking nicer and nicer over time as they've developed them. Yamato went where no other company deemed it worthy to venture in the Macross license; to develop good looking transformable valkyrie toys. I HATE my VF-0A for its exploded shoulders and jacked up arms. I took the superglue route, because I refuse to pay money to get replacement parts to correct what never should have crumbled in the first place. It's a pity because it's a good looking bird. I love the rest of what I own, for sentimental and historical reasons. I do admit to suffering some remorse. I thought that Yamato would NEVER release a VF-22, so I settled for the YF-21, and lo and behold a few months later BAM! VF-22. Oh well.
  12. This movie was pure awesome. Great cast, good story, fantastic performances, lots of action, humor without it being Transformers-like-face-to-palm humor. Loved the music. Of course I love it more than I normally would have because I worked on it and wound up seeing myself on screen. I wondered if anyone else here worked on it, because I saw a truck parked at the open casting call, which had a UN SPACY sticker on it. Gonna go watch it again, this time on Imax, this weekend.
  13. This bird is absolutely beautiful. Now for me to wait a bit to see if anything breaks. [rubs hands together] You are all my guinea pigs! Muahahaha!
  14. I would call 1999.co.jp thieves because I bought a Q-rau from them that they sent to the wrong address, wouldn't reship to me, refused to refund me, and refused to respond to my emails. So I was down the amount of a Yamato Q-rau. That's why I call them thieves and they are in the blacklist under "Hobby Search". Mmmmm, can't wait to see more pics of the VF-11B goodness...
  15. Not surprising with 1999.co.jp as they're a bunch of thieves. I'm surprised they changed it as opposed to charging you the correct price once they take payment. Despite wanting to get the VF-11B straight off the bat, what with the VF-1 shoulder hinge issue, I think I will let you guys guinea pig yourselves for me. Don't you all feel honored?
  16. I would recommend picking up the upcoming Surplice Capricorn Shura, Surplice Aquarius Camus, and Surplice Gemini Saga. They look incredibly badass, and damn they got the dark colors down good. In addition, you may or may not be able to put the old gold cloths on the new figures. In any case, Shura and Camus will definitely look fantastic compared to the old Myth Cloth sculpts of their heads.
  17. So the low set legs in fighter weren't for the fast packs: LAME. And even with the fastpacks they still sit low: LAME. Chunkymonkey for the new millenium, or Yamato 2000-era, both are good descriptions.
  18. What were the resistance fighting with before they could get their meatsacky hands on those plasma rifles? They had to be using something. And if Reese learned to make pipebombs to use on Terminators, maybe the earlier models weren't so resistant and well armored, leaving them vulnerable to small arms fire. I'm not damning the movie for the weapons parts yet. I'll wait and see how that plays out. The killer motorcycles though...
  19. Erg, lots of tiny removeable pieces make it less appealing... Might just stick with the model kit and wait to see what the other releases are like.
  20. I'm a still a hoping for some non-canon paint schemes for the VF-11. Mmmmm, stealth.
  21. Competition between Bandai and Yamato should be good. Bandai needs to improve their sculpts and do more perfect transformation. Yamato needs to work on quality control.
  22. This thing looks badass. I think it looks pretty awesome in black. I hope they do a stealth one one day.
  23. 1. No, it's subpar and certainly not a collectors grade toy. Bandai just crapped it out. Take a look at any of the toys they take their time on, they look fantastic and are great. It's a step up from the Macross 7 chunky munkies, but it's not up to what Bandai could put out. 2. Not the 1/60 VF-25. 3. Boobies.
  24. Woah, didn't expect the cockpit to be exposed on the toy. The model kit does it better, even if it's not completely hidden. So it's 1/65 scale and touted as 1/60, not surprise there. As for the people putting up excuses for why it's so crappy because it's a toy. Look at the lines that Bandai puts out good quality stuff for, and compare to their anime representations. Compare Saint Seiya designs to their Bandai toy counterparts (the Saint Cloth Myth Line, not the old chunky monkey line). Even if you may not like Saint Seiya, you can't really deny that Bandai's representations of the characters and their armor are spot on. Macross just isn't worth it to them. It's not Gundam, it's not Saint Seiya. So it gets cheaper treatment. And they know desperate fans will buy whatever they crap out. They just have to make the toys halfway decent and a lot of fans will eat it up in desperation and tell themselves that it's the coolest thing EVAR.
  25. Well, you guys should be aware that 1999.co.jp (Hobbysearch) is a band of thieves. Paid for a 1/60 Q-rau, they shipped it to the wrong address, wouldn't re-ship, wouldn't refund, and refused to answer emails. Avoid them like the plague. Get it from a reputable place.
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