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  1. Most of the more normal planes and vehicles used in the Patlabor series are modified versions of real life subjects. So I guess this one is a modified Hercules C4: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lockheed_Martin_C-130J_Super_Hercules
  2. Here are the pages from the Perfect Establishment Data books. I've included some relevant Helldiver pages, too. You'll have to rotate them yourself.
  3. The Perfect Establishment Data books are collections of almost all the line art, that were released around 2008. For Patlabor they released five books in all, one each for the TV series, OVAs, and the movies. Studio DNA also did books on some other series, including L-Gaim, Xabungle, and Dancougar. I've found some more lineart in the first book of that series (that one covers the TV series), including a side view. I'll try to scan in the pages for you (if I manage without damaging the spines of the books; otherwise it will be pictures...). By the looks of it finding those books for a decent price nowadays is pretty much impossible. I see the L-Gaim book at Mandarake for 3 times its original retail price... 😓
  4. If that is the 4-engined transport jet, page 45 in Patlabor Perfect Establishment Data Vol. 3 (and page 26 for the Helldiver + parachute). Unfortunately only threequarter front and rear drawings, no side or top/bottom views, and the art is shown pretty small in the book.
  5. ...if you have the tools to machine those cutters. Anyway, this discussion made me pick up some Tamiya cutters, for the lovely amount of 34.95 Euros...I think they'll work better than the DIY-shop ones I've been using :)
  6. Is there anything in those books that isn't in the Patlabor Perfect Establishment Data books?
  7. For more "solid" takes on the Waverider concept, just look at some of the SRW designs (R-Wing) or Virtual On's Cypher Motortrasher mode. The Virtual On transformable Viper versions and the later Myzr designs are more Valkyrie-like (often with color schemes that Fire Bomber would love and lots of spiky bits).
  8. That may be because the people who posted those entries didn't even know the kits are recasts. Besides, if no one adds the original kits, nothing is going to change...
  9. Wouldn't it be easier to print them in white? Then you only have to paint on the details (a few dots of paint I imagine...).
  10. Be sure to first try a decal you don't need...
  11. @arbit Are you sure your screen's pixels are perfectly square? If they are slightly taller than wide, that might also cause the effect.
  12. FFFFFFFFFFF... Warning to anyone who has still laying around event-only Japanese mecha garage kits that are not from a big manufacturer like B-Club, Kotobukiya, Volks, or Wave, and that need the use of aftermarket poly caps: It appears that Kotobukiya has quietly discontinued their older poly cap joints, meaning that whatever stock you can find is what is left available. Now I'm left with a bunch of high-end, rather expensive garage kits that need specific Kotobukiya joints - that I don't have, and likely won't be able to find...aaargh! Edit: Hmmm, Kotobukiya's site still shows them as not out of production...did HLJ.com drop those products?
  13. I like the ones where it looks like they said "Hey guys, let's be lazy and make a new one where we double the engines by just flipping the warp drives UPSIDE DOWN".
  14. Clearcoat the decals with (for example) Tamiya clear from a bottle (apply with a brush). Then go SLOW on the decals. Don't try to move them off the sheet until the sheet looks positively soaked and the decals look like they're lifting off the backing sheet. Just last week I completed a mid-1990s kit where the decals would not budge until I soaked them in water for over an hour (each)...
  15. I even didn't have to log in again.
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