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  1. is there a new version for windows 7 or windows 10? I love this game and want to play again on my new system.
  2. Thanks Yea it's more for fun me and my son play for hours
  3. Finished Table pics! Destroid Monster is on its way! testing rules now...
  4. Table Top Game Testing! ( gonna need a bigger table! ) set up in game combat! instead of capture the flag we played Capture the SDF-1
  5. White Dragon Restaurant and Macross Arcade!! here are my Armies so Far... Zentradi UNSPACY I cant wait till the 2 Zentraedi Heavy Artillery Battlepod get here!!! I need 2, 1/100 brownie cannon fodder fighters too
  6. Razor x

    Macross Island 2009

  7. Razor x

    VF-1A Max TV

    BEST VF-1A EVER!!!!!
  8. OMG!! looks like a must have Game!!
  9. AMAZING WORK!!! looks awesome man!
  10. Razor x


    AMAZING! great work!
  11. NO that pic help inspire me to make this game. ive seen a lot of displays and dioramas but i want to see a Table top roll playing game with Macross toys in action. my plan is to make an 8'x4' version of this pic
  12. Awesome! that will work just need the Arcade now! Thanks
  13. Hey guys I came up with the Idea for this Table top event from playing Warhammer 40k and wished there was some way to play a table top game in the Robotech/Macross Universe. Due to the lack of Miniatures for this universe I figured The Use of Toys would be a fun substitute for this game. im working on a 1/100-HO scale Table top battle field of Macross City and was wondering if anyone has pics of lynn minmei's Uncle's restaurant and the Video Arcade Where Max and Milia met. I need pics so I can make scale models of the buildings. Thanks more info can be found here... http://protocultureuniverse.freeforums.org/index.php?sid=dfe9a7b64b220a635e6958a14f6dafda
  14. WOW!!! great job guys with the Beta Release I cant wait to see the Finished MoD . Time to break out the old Flight Stick and take the YF-19 for a spin
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